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Fun Factory | G-Spot
Fun Factory
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FF4000364, FF4000374


Making your playtime feel natural, realistic, and completely exhilarating is what the Stronic DREI does best. The third in the line of Fun Factory's new pulsator's, the Stronic DREI is a ribbed and curved thrusting toy. It uses natural thrusting movements to propel you over the edge of incredible orgasms, and feels unlike any other toy on the market. The Stronic DREI uses unique back and forth movements as it thrusts and pulses to impart incredible sensations during insertion. There are ten different rhythms of stimulation, plus an additional ten intensity levels. There is a wide range of sensations that use low and strong frequencies to keep the fun exciting and never tedious or boring. The Stronic DREI has a curved shape for perfect G-spot stimulation, and a rounded and slightly tapered end that makes it easy to insert. Ridges trail up from the base to the tip and provide additional stimulus to intensify the effect on the clitoris. Operating the Stronic DREI is simple with the built-in intuitive controls. Turning the pulsator on or off is as simple as pressing the red FUN button. Cycling through modes and levels is accomplished with two small buttons located above the FUN button. When you are not using the Stronic DREI lock the keys so you can carry it with you anywhere and have peace of mind that it won't go off by accident. Enjoy your pulsator's thrusting movements in the bedroom, or take it with you into the shower, or a nice warm bubble bath. The Stronic DREI is waterproof, so you may submerge the pulsator with no decrease in function. The silicone shell is body-safe, and hypoallergenic, and it is simple to clean with warm water and mild soap. Make sure that you keep your toy clean and fully charged so it is always ready for use. The Stronic DREI charges with the Fun Factory Charge 'N' Click system that is simple and fast to use. The Stronic DREI is a unique sex toy that replaces the same old vibrations with a new and exciting thrusting motion. It is extremely powerful, and yet tremendously quiet. The Stronic DREI is worth a try, and will change how you look and feel about sex toys forever.
Tired of the same old hum-drum vibrators? Try something truly exciting, and thrill your body with every touch of the Stronic DREI in petrol. This is a pulsator, not a vibrator, so leave the buzzing behind, and join all the recent converts to the pulsator. You will enjoy strong thrusts that make your playtime feel natural and extra realistic. The Stronic DREI is the third product from Fun Factory's line of pulsators; it may just be the best one yet. This model features a full complement of ribbing that travels up the shaft until it reaches the rounded tip. The shape is ideal for stimulating the G-spot and the ribbing feels incredible during insertion and removal, and it gives additional stimulation at the base to the clitoris. The ten modes of thrust all feel natural and follow an enticing rhythm that feels exquisite. Each mode adjusts for frequency, so you can have it slow or fast depending on what you crave. This innovative pulsator features a silicone shell that is soft and smooth to the touch. It enhances the natural feeling provided from the thrusting action, and is further improved with a touch of water-based lubricant. The silicone washes easily, and is hypoallergenic so it will never irritate your skin. Keep your Stronic DREI ready for action by keeping it clean after each use and fully charged with the Click 'N' Charge system. The Stronic DREI is also waterproof, so you can bring your toy into the bath with you and turn you relaxing soak into an invigorating splash. Controlling your pulsator is simple with intuitive controls located conveniently at the base of the handle. A red FUN button turns the Stronic DREI on and off, and the additional two buttons switch between modes and levels. Pleasure is at your fingertips and totally at your discretion with the Stronic DREI. Ordering a Stronic DREI will take your solitary play to a new level filled with exciting sensations. The natural movements feel extremely realistic and are powerful enough to feel like the genuine article. This premium pulsator is a favourite of women in Australia and around the world because of its innovative design and movements, and can be in your hands by as early as tomorrow.

Fun Factory
Manufacturer SKU
FF4000364, FF4000374




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This vibe is totally fun

review by Amelia F (posted on 1/03/2016)

There is nothing I like better than coming home and unwinding with my new toy. The other day during a particularly rough day at the office I found I kept daydreaming and the dreams were all about my lovely vibrator waiting patiently at home for my arrival. Quality material and feel. Great motor, and I simply adore the way it thrusts and vibrates. Totally unique to all the other vibrators I've owned.


Good ribbed and curved shape

review by Aubrey S (posted on 1/03/2016)

For those looking at buying this vibrator I should let you know that I barely masturbate without it since I got it. This is so good and works so well that I end up using it every time. The ridges feel great and it's curved just right to hit and massage my g-spot. It's rechargeable and keeps the charge for a long time. I like that it is waterproof I never really considered that as important before and never had one that was.

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