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FF24408, FF24406


The Share has been responsible for enhancing couples sexual relationships throughout the world. A svelte black, double-ended dildo - this toy works for both lesbian and heterosexual couples. The Share delivers incredible amounts of pleasure to both partners thanks to its unique shape and creative design. Grab your partner and the Share, and experience a new level of intimacy and passion. The truly innovative shape of the Share features a design that stays in place when the short bulbous end is inserted into the vagina. Its rounded and wide shape not only ensures that it stays where it is supposed to, but feels extremely pleasurable, especially when you are penetrating your partner. The long tapered end curves gently, and ends with a nice plump head. It inserts easily, and the slight bend enables it to hit your lovers G-spot, (or P-spot), to give them immense pleasure and mind-blowing stimulation. As you make love to your partner with the Share, you will be able to experience exquisitely intimate sensations like never before. Both of you will appreciate the soft silicone material of the Share; it feels silky and smooth to the touch. Add to your enjoyment with a dab of water-based lube, and slide easily in and out of your lover with this slick double-ended dildo. Try out some wet fun in the shower, and increase your hot, wet play by adding this fun dildo to your action. When you want the intimacy and fun of a double-ended dildo combined with the stability of a strap-on, the Share from Fun Factory will satisfy your every craving. Built for pleasure and comfort, the Share will bring you closer together as you share the unbelievably good sensations it gives. Whether you like to give or receive, the Share is the perfect fit for your enjoyment.
Using a double-ended dildo in the bedroom can make for incredibly hot sex, and additional intimacy. The Share is a special type of double-ended dildo that adds the stability of a strap-on without the cumbersome harness. Built for comfort and pleasure, the Share lets you enjoy penetrating your partner while receiving intense stimulation at the same time. This toy is ideal for lesbian couples, though some heterosexual couples will find lots of fun with this dildo as well. The unique shape of the Share allows it to stay in place during use thanks to a rounded shaft, and scooped out handle. The partner who is on the receiving end of the Share will enjoy the tapered tip and the firm length. Still flexible enough to accommodate any shape, the Share can bend and move with you for the ultimate in comfort. The shaft has a gentle curve that ends in a rounded phallic head, and feels extremely realistic as it enters. The small bend allows it to hit the G-spot precisely every time for an intense or gentle massage depending on the wearer. Try heating the Share up in warm water, or cooling it down in the freezer before use. The soft silicone material transfers heat easily and even warms up to match your body temperature during use. It is a body-safe material that never irritates, and is easy to clean. Take it into the bath, shower, or keep it in the bedroom, and you are guaranteed an erotic adventure like no other. A smooth bright purple, this violet model of the Share is extremely popular with women. Try the Share and see for yourself how it enhances your sexual relationship. This double-ended dildo delivers incredible pleasure to both partners thanks to its innovative design and unique shape. It is so simple to use, just grab your partner, insert, and get ready for some extreme fun.

Fun Factory
Manufacturer SKU
FF24408, FF24406




22.9 cm (length 15.9 cm (large) 11.25 cm (small)
4.8 cm


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Kinky sexy fun for a couple

review by Shannon (posted on 1/03/2016)

I never thought my husband would want to try something like this, but last year he admitted that he wanted to be penetrated by a dildo during our foreplay. Turns out I found this incredibly hot and love fucking him in the ass while wearing a strap on. But it would be nice to get in on some of the sensation too, and so when we got this I tried it out immediately. It fits in great and when I slip in inside my hubby he starts to moan like crazy. He loves it and now I get the powerful feeling of fucking his ass while getting a nice G-spot massage at the same time so we can cum together.

our new favourite toy.

review by Shannon (posted on 1/03/2016)

My girlfriend and I love playing with strap-ons, but our last harness broke and I was fed up with dealing with all the straps anyways. This is the perfect solution for us, and I get to feel the effects too. It's like a hybrid of a double ended dildo and a strap on, cause it fits in me and holds in my vagina snugly, then has an extended dildo that comes out that I can use to insert into my girlfriend. It's tapered and curved and we both really love it. It is O-ring compatible too if you want to put it in a harness, but I don't think there's really a need, and I'm ready to take a break from the straps and buckles anyways.

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