Paul & Paulina

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Fun Factory | Rabbit
Fun Factory
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FF1200031, FF1200006


The Paul & Paulina vibrator from Fun Factory is a perfect symbiotic relationship. The two ends work together in a beautiful partnership to form one of the most creative vibrators in Fun Factory's new G4 line of products. With an array of features, this G4 vibrator is used by both men and women for a fun and pleasurable experience. The Paul & Paulina vibrator contains two vibrators, each with a personality of their own. Paul is the longer one, and Paulina is the shorter, petite massager. Each one is a happy caterpillar with two nubby eyes, and a fantastically segmented body. Paul likes to get into many different places, and when he is inserted into the vagina, he burrows up against the G-spot to deliver seriously concentrated and powerful vibrations. In the meantime, Paulina rests against the clitoris to work in perfect coordination with Paul. Turn the vibrator around and Paulina works to stimulate the perineum and anus. Insert Paul in the anus and Paulina will provide a safe and effective stop while massaging the perineum and testicles. This vibrator provides four modes of vibration in conjunction with a range of intensities. Managing the level of sensation is easy with the built in control pad and the booster button, which gives you an extra boost of power when you most need it. The signature finger loop handle is ergonomic and makes insertion and removal easy. The Paul & Paulina vibrator goes safely into the shower and bath with its 100% waterproof design, and works well with a touch of water-based lubricant. It also charges quickly and lasts for hours of stimulation. Try out Paul & Paulina, and see why these fun little caterpillars are so happy. Feel them work in perfect synchronization to deliver extreme pleasure to your most sensitive areas in tandem. Order your Paul & Paulina vibrator today, and by tomorrow, you can have some sweet little caterpillars of your own.
Paul & Paulina are mischievous and happy little caterpillars that work in tandem for a creative way to reach G-spot induced orgasms. Part of the G4 line of vibrators from Fun Factory, the Paul & Paulina vibrator has a multitude of features that make it a premium vibrator. Made for both men and women, its innovative shape will please and tease you towards amazingly intense orgasms. This fun vibrator gets its names from the caterpillars that make up the shape. The larger caterpillar is Paul, while the smaller one is Paulina. Each of them has a wonderfully segmented body, and two nubby eyes. Paul is a master at locating the G-spot and gives a perfect internal massage with his curved head. Paulina works simultaneously with Paul to give a delightful external massage. Use Paul to induce a magnificent G-spot orgasm while Paulina massages the clitoris, or turn it all around and Paulina will provide anal stimulation without skipping a beat. Use Paul for anal play, and Paulina provides a perfect stop that massages the testicles and perineum. These fun little caterpillars are eager to please and extremely hard workers. Paul & Paulina work with multiple levels of intensity and four patterns of vibrations. A built in control pad is in easy reach on the handle with three buttons and includes a booster button adds extra power when you need an immediate intensity boost. All G4 vibrators from Fun Factory feature an extremely powerful motor what is whisper quiet. They are also all rechargeable so you will not be wasting money on disposable batteries. Paul & Paulina are also waterproof, so you can take them with you into the shower or even for a dip in the pool. Experience the fun of having Paul & Paulina work together to give you intensely satisfying orgasms as they work in tandem for your benefit. With a beautifully vibrant hue and wonderfully intriguing shape, these two caterpillars will never transform into butterflies, but remain as faithful pleasure giving critters for years to come.

Fun Factory
Manufacturer SKU
FF1200031, FF1200006




24.8 cm (length) 13.3 (insertable)
3.8 cm


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Super good vibrator, best arounder

review by Charlotte (posted on 1/03/2016)

Totally love this vibrator. I read a review somewhere else that this was really quiet and powerful and since I wanted a dual vibrator this seemed like a good idea. Further research led me here where I found the best price on the vibe, especially the shipping costs. This vibe works great and has everything I wanted. Its ribbed, cleans easily, and is discreetly quiet. Also it vibrates at a good speed with different functions and it's easy to control. Plus it's purple which matches my sheets. Is that weird I think that's important? Anyways, great vibe, best price you'll find. I will def. be a repeat customer.


Nice Toy

review by Lily W (posted on 1/03/2016)

Nice toy. Works well. Recommended. I've always preferred caterpillars to butterflies


Luxury vibe works great.

review by Molly G. (posted on 1/03/2016)

I use my vibrator every single night before I go to sleep. It's my own little sleepy time ritual and I can't go to bed without it. So when my vibrator finally broke I decided to treat myself to something really good. When I saw the Paul and Paulina in my favourite colour I decided to spend a bit more than I had intended, but I think it's justified cause who wants to put a piece of junk against their favourite body part on a nightly basis? This is a high quality product and curves to hit my G-spot while vibrating against my clit. I can control the functions depending on if I want to cum quickly, or stretch it out. This was definitely worth the extra money, I'm glad my old vibe finally died.

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