Fleshlight Renewing Powder 4oz / 118ml

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When your Fleshlight first arrives its Super Skin material feels soft and smooth, but after use and washing that wonderful material can start to lose some of its softness, even becoming sticky. It's a common problem that can occur with many of the newer blends of materials, but a quick solution is at hand that will make your Super Skin toys feel brand new again.
Comprised of a mix of silicone and thermoplastic rubbers Super Skin and other materials like it require special care. While the touch of Super Skin is luxuriously soft and wonderfully realistic, after some time and use it can start to lose that lifelike touch. When it arrives it feels plush and natural, but washing and the friction caused by thrusting inside your Fleshlight can cause the powder that it came prepped with to rub away. This reveals a sticky surface that won't feel as soft or cling to you in the right way anymore.
Applying a new coating of the Fleshlight Renewing Powder is an easy and quick fix. The bottle holds 118 mL of the Powder which will be plenty to keep your favourite toys in prime condition, and it's great for more than just your Fleshlight toys. An application of the Fleshlight Renewing Powder can refresh the feel of dildos and masturbators made from Cyber Skin and Fanta Flesh.
Flip open the lid of the easy dispensing container and the perforated opening will allow you to gently shake powder on to the sleeve. You'll want to coat the entire surface and that includes not only the opening but also the inside, which you can do by turning the sleeve inside out. You should be left with a thin layer but should you apply too much just tap it against the side of the case to remove the excess.
The Fleshlight Renewing Powder is made from non-toxic ingredients like cornstarch, and works to absorb the extra moisture that is absorbed by the porous nature of the Super Skin and other materials with similar structures. When the excess moisture is absorbed it leaves the surface silky smooth and ready to play with that soft feel that you can't wait to sink in to. Applying it is easy and you'll want to make sure that you sprinkle some on to your Fleshlight or other toys once it has dried after each washing.

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