Fleshlight Girls Jenna Haze Lotus

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Any guy familiar with porn has seen Jenna Haze in action and probably jerked off along with some of her award winning scenes. Well now you can get off with more than the palm of your hand while you're spanking it to her performances with the Fleshlight Girls Jenna Haze Lotus. This lifelike male masturbators pussy shaped entrance is moulded from Jenna's own lips before flowing into a long, tight tunnel, enabling you to live out your porn fuelled fantasies.
It not only looks like Jenna Haze's pussy but it feels like it too courtesy of the SuperSkin material that's distinct to the Fleshlight series. The touch of SuperSkin is just like skin and it clings to your length as you ride it up and down the penis. Along the tunnel a special Lotus texture greets you and its multi-chamber walls comprise a mix of smooth and ribbed textures. It provides an intense sensation as they rub against you, and the while it pleases you it also acts as a stamina trainer, helping you last longer with a real life lover in bed.
The flesh coloured sleeve is removable and can be switched out with other sleeves sporting different openings and textures, and fits snugly into the hard black plastic case. It makes it easy to grab on and slide the Fleshlight up and down as well as giving it the necessary support if you want to slip it between the couch cushions for some hands free pounding. Simple in appearance, after all it's modelled after a flashlight and makes storing your Fleshlight incomparably discreet, its added features allow you to customise the amount of suction. The smaller end has a cap that you can twist both ways, increasing or decreasing the suction by covering or uncovering vents built into the threads.
The incredibly plush Super Skin is hypoallergenic and with its soft and smooth touch is incredibly gentle against skin. It can be warmed up for a more natural feel simply by submerging it in some hot water, and will even absorb heat from your body whenever it touches you. The specialised material is amazingly durable; no matter how many times you ram into it, the SuperSkin will keep its shape without becoming stretched out or loose.
As soft and smooth as the SuperSkin is you'll want to use a good amount of water-based lubricant along the interior of the tunnel and along your penis. It will remove friction from your play and enhance the already realistic feel.

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