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Chain Cuffs


Chain Cuffs

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Handcuffs, BDSM, Bedroom Sex Restraints, Hand Cuffs & Ropes


Handcuffs are a common restraint type used in the bedroom. Either the cuffs are both fastened to the hands of the person, or maybe one to the bed post and one to the person. The restraint is seen as a sexual deprivation stimulant - meaning, use of limited arms or hands only serves to heighten and increase stimulation. Often the limitation of the use of both hands, means the partner is then in full control, and this is considered a light BDSM act. By using hand cuffs all power, control of stimulation and the senses, is passed to your partner which can increase sexual gratification, and orgasms immensely.

The act of surrendering control to your trusted partner, is by itself a release, and the feeling of trust and emotion related to that is sensual as it is not something we experience in day to day activities.

Ropes & Tethers

Ropes are a very specialised area of expertise. The Japanese art of rope bondage is practised the World over. This art is sensual, a turn on, and very intense. To the untrained eye it simply looks like someone who is tied up with heaps of rope - well, truth be told there are lots of techniques used to tie ropes properly, securely, and in a manner comfortable to the recipient. We sell a number of ropes designed for bondage. We also sell a good number of tethers which are simply sashes of fabric used to secure hands, and ankles.

The use of ropes, handcuffs and the like doesn't have to be a rough or painful process either. It can be an intense and exciting game almost that couples can enjoy together.

Note: with any kind of restraint usage, proper consent, and precautions must be used (like safe words for release).

Individuals may practice all four of these fetishes, or only a single one, or any combination of them. Partners will swap the roles around to create different scenarios. It doesn't have to be rough, it can be very playful and fun so long as the understanding between partners is open and honest. Restraints can be silky ties, a satin mask or similar. Having said that, it could also be a hood with no holes for mouth or eyes, a leather mask, rope or handcuffs. Very much a case of whatever turns you on so long as you are consenting adults and take the necessary precautions.

We stock only the Worlds best restraints by the Worlds most known adult yo brands. Please browse our extensive collection of handcuffs, ropes, tethers and other bondage restraint toys on this category page.


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