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Fetish Fantasy Series - Beginner Fantasy BDSM Toys, Strapons, Restraints & more - A New Dimension to Your Love Life

The purpose of the Fetish Fantasy Series offered by Pipe Dream Products is to allow couples to explore their kinky, fetish side through safe and secure play toys in the realm of BDSM. For example, this line of products offers furry handcuffs and furry leg cuffs, which allow you to experiment with the concept of restraint in a safe and even comfortable manner. Also a member of this series of toys is the spread eagle sling, which makes it easy to keep her legs up in the air in the right position by attaching her ankles to a sling that goes around the back of her neck in comfortable black nylon with padded neck strap.

The Fetish Fantasy Series also includes a honeymoon bondage kit, which contains everything you need to experiment with some light bondage during a honeymoon. Each piece is a silky white. This series also includes a unisex straight jacket in comfortable material with black straps, keeping a man or woman properly restrained in a safe manner. Some of the toys and accessories offered by this series are less severe, such as the feather love mask which is made of soft red feathers for super comfortable play, and plush love cuffs which are fur-lined for super comfort during casual play.

Take things a little more seriously with the Fetish Fantasy Series heavy duty leather cuffs set, or the rope cuffs and tether set, or even more seriously still by using beginner's metal cuffs. These cuffs offer the cold and unforgiving feel of steel without the risk because they double lock in place to keep from tightening further than you wish, and also possess a safety release that will help remove them in the event that the key is lost.

The Fetish Fantasy Series offers a number of different toys at various levels of skill and immersion into the world of play BDSM, from bright pink ball gags and pink leather wrist cuffs to sensual seduction kits and shock therapy toys. With this distinct range of play toys for sexual pleasure, you can slowly ease yourself into kink play or can dive right in depending solely on which toys you decide to experiment with and at what intensity you decide to experiment at. Combine cuffs, blindfolds, sensation toys, vibrators, ball gags and other toys together in order to heighten sensations in the bedroom.

Whether you enjoy bondage play or are just looking for a way to spice up things in the bedroom, you may be interested in the Fetish Fantasy Series of adult items. These toys and accessories are available in a variety of shapes and sizes making it possible for every couple to act out their fantasies in a fun and safe way. From restraints like rope and handcuffs to vinyl clothing and nipple clamps, there is a wide assortment of items that can help you take your time with your partner to the next level of fun and intimacy.

The Fetish Fantasy Series also features a variety of items like vibrators that can make that big moment one that you will both remember for quite some time. Because the way that it looks and feels is as important as the job that it is intended to perform, these items are designed to fit seamlessly into your intimate activity and encourage spontaneity in a way that no other line of adult toys can. Instead of spending time trying to use toys that are unsexy and unattractive because of their shape, size and the overall look of them, why not upgrade to something that you both can enjoy?

You can also use the Fetish Fantasy Series of items in conjunction with other adult novelties and toys to restrain your partner and keep them on the edge for longer than ever before. Using these items to keep your partner bound can be stimulating in more ways than one. Because they are designed with quality of mine, the risk of someone getting injured when things get wild is minimal, especially compared to some of the lower quality items that are available. Both you and your partner deserve the very best when it comes to adult toys.

The Fetish Fantasy Series was created because desire, satisfaction and pure ecstasy are crucial for both partners when it comes to a healthy relationship. Regardless of whether you want to try bondage for the first time in order to give your love life a little extra zest or are looking to replace items that you have worn out, it is impossible to go wrong with this high quality line of adult items. For the uninitiated, adding these products to your bedroom routine can add a level of excitement and intensity to an otherwise dull or predictable love life that will have to be seen to be believed.


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