Heavy-Duty Hogtie Kit

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Fetish Fantasy Series
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Simply designed and made for any experience level these Heavy Duty Hogties from Fetish Fantasy are perfect for including into your hard-core bondage play. New to BDSM or an old hand, you'll be able to set up and fully enjoy the benefits of trussing up your lover like a squirming little piggie and do it in seconds. It's an easy way to limit their movement and won't have you fiddling around with ropes and knots, plus the minimalistic look lets you leave emphasis on their contorted limbs.
The all black design is ultra-sleek and won't distract, but it can be easily added to other bondage and restraint gear using the metal rings on the cuffs or the D-clasps on the tethers. Add on extra-long tethers, collars, or leashes and experiment with a ton of creatively kinky positions.
You won't need to watch a rodeo to figure out how to get these cuffs on your sub; just place the wrist and ankle cuffs on and adjust them to fit with the buckle closures. Then hook each cuff up to the central O-ring with its four neoprene tethers behind the back. Try out various configurations with hands up front, or only legs or only hands cuffed.
It's a great way to keep your submissive lover in place and as easy for you to get them out of as it was to get them in.
Truss your lover up and keep them there without moving just by snapping the four tethers to the cuffs and you'll have the perfect Hogtie restraint.

Fetish Fantasy Series
Manufacturer SKU




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An effective and fun hog-tie set

review by Lisa (posted on 1/03/2016)

While I think the quality of this hogtie kit is good, calling it heavy-duty might be a little misleading. When I picture heavy-duty I tend to think industrial sized chains that could hold back a tanker. This hogtie set is will do the job nicely and while the chains are average in thickness they do keep me in place. I do like the feel of the wrist and leg cuffs. I feel they did put some extra care and material into making quality cuffs. If you really love your bondage play this could be a good addition to your collection. We will probably use this for a while but soon we'll probably be looking for something a bit higher quality.

I love to be completely tied up and masked with this kit

review by Bella (posted on 1/03/2016)

When my boyfriend and I decided to try out some BDSM toys and play we started out slowly and have gradually made our way up to this heavy-duty Hogtie kit. I can't believe how much it turns me on to be completely tied up like this. Plus I love to wear the mask that comes with this while I'm completely immobilized. My boyfriend then uses the tickler and the flogger all over me, or sometimes even the paddle. I love not knowing what is coming next and being completely at his mercy. He can do whatever he wants to me and I'm completely helpless. The cuffs are comfortable, and adjustable, so I can even start off with the cuffs fairly loose, and my bf can tighten up the straps as we go. We love to play with our hog-tie kit and I would totally recommend using it.

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