Fetish Fantasy Elite Series

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Elite - Universal Harness

Dildos & Strapons

Elite - Universal Harness

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Dildos & Strapons

Elite - Universal Harness

$79.95 $31.95


3 Item(s)


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Fetish Fantasy Elite

The Fetish Fantasy Elite Series – For The Discerning Connoisseur

The Fetish Fantasy Elite Series comes from the brilliant minds at Pipedream Products. The line introduces an up-scale approach to a down and dirty deed, and the BDSM crowd has never been happier. The Fetish Fantasy Elite Series by Pipedream introduces high-quality silicone products that are sure to bring the delight and the deviousness into the bedroom….or the basement.

Crafted from high-grade silicone, the Fetish Fantasy Elite Series is designed to be used by those who embrace their BDSM interests and want to use the best materials available for their escapades. The series features a product line that enhances the dom and sub relationship through quality construction and top notch craftsmanship. These products won’t slip, budge, break, or snap, unless you want them to. With a full range of products that include silicone masks and warming dildos, the Fetish Fantasy Elite Series is geared for the enthusiast in all of us.

Fetish Fantasy Elite Series gear is made with the BDSM crowd in mind, but anyone can use it. The line is focused on catering to those wishing to live out their fantasies and providing the best possible tools to do so. The Fetish Fantasy Elite Series offers high-quality products that are designed to endure abuse, while also maintaining comfort and enjoyment. It’s possible to meet your threshold while using the Fetish Fantasy Elite Series without having to worry about products fraying, snapping, or worse.

The Fetish Fantasy Elite Series by Pipedream is an ultra-premium collection. The silicone-based line is 100% medical grade and is entirely body safe. The products are hypo-allergenic and most collection items come with cleaner and additional sanitizing measure, making the products safe and hygienic for repeated use. There’s nothing better than being able to get your jollies in with knowing that you’re protected from harm, at least from the products themselves - the dom may be a different story.

As a child company of Pipedream Products, the parent company behind Fetish Fantasy Extreme and the Liberator products, the Fetish Fantasy Elite Series is as committed to exceptional customer service and top-notch quality that you’ve come to expect from Pipedream. Serving both UK and global customers, the Fetish Fantasy Elite Series of products ships worldwide, making it a global entity in the BDSM industry. The elite nature of the products is what positions the series as an industry leader.

The Fetish Fantasy Elite Series is for those who enjoy their fetish-play with a hint of class; for those who wield their crop with their pinkies up. With their high-quality products that conform to body contours and warming materials, the series offers the lifelike stimulation and a range of tantalizing options. Its silicone construction also provides a wide variety of colors, which introduces an element of beauty and pleasing aesthetics into the equation. Cute may not be the word to describe a harness or blinding mask, but it may just fit. If it’s true that we eat with our eyes, then these products are as good as devoured.


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