Fat Boy Extender

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Perfect Fit
Perfect Fit
Manufacturer SKU
CS-01B, CS-01C, CS-02B, CS-02C, CS-03B, CS-03C


This amazing sheath gives you extra girth to your penis without it being intimidating or overwhelming for your lover. It is super strong and durable as well as incredibly stretchy, and the innovative design will leave both you and your lover intensely pleased. The Fat Boy penis extender slips over the erect penis and hooks onto the scrotum with an opening at the base of the sleeve. With the scrotum hooked into the base the wearer experiences a pleasant pull during intercourse or while stroking. The effect will be similar to a cock ring in providing a firmer feeling erection and increased stamina but with the added benefit of increased girth for your lover and special textures of ribs and nubs lining the soft cushiony interior to the sleeve. While it can be a great toy to please your lover and yourself at the same time it's also wonderful when used alone as a masturbatory aid. Made out of a special blend of material called Sil-A-Skin which combines silicone and TPR to make it incredibly stretchy and body-safe, it should be used with water-based lubrication only and washed thoroughly inside and out after each use with some mild soap and water as the material is porous. Remember that this is not a contraceptive and cannot be used as a substitute for condoms.
Easily add extra girth to your erection without going crazy and scaring your lover off with the Fat Boy extender. This exciting innovation from Perfect Fit Brands is a soft pliable sleeve that fits over the erect penis and hooks over the scrotum with an opening at the base. Its effect is somewhat similar to that of wearing a cock ring with increased stamina and a better quality erection, but unlike any cock ring, this fantastic sheath gives pleasure not only to your lover with its added girth but also to you with a soft cushiony interior textured with nubs and ribs. It gives you a snug fit and the perfect size extender whether you're using it for penetration or for masturbation. The stretchy material is a result of a combination of silicone it and TPR Materials to make a special blend called Sil-A-Skin. It is incredibly durable and body-safe, free from latex and phthalates, but it is porous so should be washed thoroughly before and after each use with some mild soap and water. Use it with some water-based lubrication and keep it separate from latex and silicone products. Remember that the Fat Boy is not a replacement for your contraception and cannot be used as substitutes for protected sex.

Perfect Fit
Manufacturer SKU
CS-01B, CS-01C, CS-02B, CS-02C, CS-03B, CS-03C




16.5 cm
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Feels great for both of us

review by Ben D (posted on 1/03/2016)

Surprised my girlfriend with this the other night. Bit surprised at first but she loved the extra length and girth. I think this is the best purchase I've made recently - takes our love making to a new level.

Great product

review by Wayne (posted on 1/03/2016)

Got the extender a couple weeks ago, and can't leave it off now. Had sex with my BF the first night and as much I hate to say it - Never again, as I came in 2 seconds. The toy is just so good that it got me to excited. Now I wear it when I go to the shops with no underwear on - I get more looks than ever before! I'm a total nudist around the house, so I wear it as soon as I get home in the back yard and house as well.

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