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Eye Candy
Eye Candy
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EC216, EC222, EC217


Adding a touch of glamour while you rest your eyes is as simple as slipping the Eye Mask from Eye Candy on over your lids. Fitting closely and with a softly plush feel this black satin mask makes your naptime feel luxurious and your playtime feel devious!
Shiny and glittery rhinestone crystals are carefully placed to spell off the words across the front. Wearing this mask that phrase can have all sorts of different meanings. While you sleep it means that you want to be left in peace to rest but during play its meaning is something else entirely, directing your lover to take the lead while you lay back and enjoy the attention. You may not be working for it but you'll reap the benefits!
The black satin efficiently blocks the light and is helped by the face contouring shape which includes an extra bit of fabric to cover the bridge of the nose, thus preventing any extra light making its way in. Without any sight other senses become heightened and every breath of your lover against your skin, every kiss, and every touch, becomes intensified.
Eye Candy has opted for an elastic band across the back instead of an adjustable buckle or snaps. This simple design choice eliminates the possibility of catching your hair in buckles or having to take the time to adjust to the right size - just slip the mask over your head and it will fit.
A good mask is a handy little accessory to have in the bedroom. You'll find lots of uses for it from sexy games to blocking the light when you sleep. That's why it's so important that any mask you want to keep tucked in your bedside drawer and ready for any occasion that arises be good quality with a superior fit and feel.
The Eye Mask from Eye Candy Is cute, sassy, and fits perfectly. The one size fit will actually fit every size with an elastic strap. The elastic is a higher quality that snaps back into shape after wear and built to last so you won't find the mask slipping down your face while you play. The shape contours to the face with a special area over the nose. This helps reduce the appearance of light under the edges of the mask, keeping its wearer completely in the dark. You'll also find the edges at the sides progress far enough to remove the possibility of light coming in from those angles too. The black colour is for more than just style as the black also helps block light.
Perfect for surprises and sleeping, but even better for some sexy games this sensory deprivation tool makes every touch from your lover feel exponentially better as they take full notice of the wording on your eye mask - Available in 'Kiss Me', 'Off Duty' and 'Seduce Me'.

Eye Candy
Manufacturer SKU
EC216, EC222, EC217


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