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Swiss Navy Flavoured Lubricant

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Wet Stuff Flavoured

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Flavoured Lubricants - Less Friction and Great Taste

Oral sex is a great activity between partners, but it's sometimes made better with more lubrication. By using a flavoured lubricant, both partners can have a great experience and enjoy the sexual experience more. Even if you don't really need a lot more lubrication, many people like that little something extra and their partners really enjoy the flavours of the lubrications. If you're a vanilla or chocolate person you can get something that tastes great, but there are other options to consider, as well. Fruit flavours and other exotic options are available, depending on the brand of lubricant you and your partner choose.

Flavoured lubricants can be exciting and enticing to use, especially if you and your partner really look forward to oral sex and you want to try something new. If you're using flavoured lubricant with a condom for oral sex, be sure that the lubricant you choose is compatible with the kind of condom (latex, sheepskin, etc.) that you've chosen. That's also true with female condoms or dental dams. Protection is very important, and you don't want to end up unprotected because you chose a lubricant that didn't mix with your protection options. Most flavoured lubricants are fine for use with today's condoms, but it's never a bad idea to make sure, if you'll be using one.

For those who aren't using condoms, that's not an issue - but it's still important to make sure that you and your partner don't have any allergies to the flavoured lubricants you decide to use. Try a small amount to start out, and make sure it's not a problem. Once you know there's no problem, you can use the flavoured lubricant as often and as much as you like, as long as you follow the directions for it. That way you're much more likely to have a good experience with the lubricant - and you may even want to try other brands and flavours.

If you get a flavoured lubricant that doesn't taste good to you, don't give up. There are several flavours and brands you can choose from, and you should keep trying until you find one you like or one that your partner likes. It should taste good but it should also work well as a lubricant so the sexual experience can be fulfilling for both of you. Lubricants can be fun and enjoyable to experiment with, so try some with your partner and just see how great the experience can be.


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