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Tight Gel 15ml

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Viamax Tight Gel 50ml

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Viva Cream 10ml 3 Tube Box

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Warm Cream 50ml

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Kama Sutra Pleasure Balm

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Womens Arousal Oil / Balm

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Enhancing Sprays, Creams & Gels - Touch Your Partner in New Ways

When you want to enhance your sexual experience, there are many options that can help you do that. Among those are sprays, creams, and gels that provide an enhancement for you and your partner. These can be cool, warm, tingly, or otherwise provide you with a sensation that is unique and different from what you'd get with a standard kind of lotion. Always follow the directions on enhancing lotions, so you and your partner can have the best experience possible. Some enhancing lotions shouldn't be overused, and some are not made for extremely intimate parts of the body, so it's best to know the directions before you use them.

Enhancing sprays can be fun because they are often cool and delicate when they first contact the skin. That helps to make them more refreshing, and allows anyone using them to appreciate the delicacy of the fine mist. That in itself can be very sensual, and it's important that you and your partner find ways to increase intimacy and do things together that are fun. Experimenting can be a great way to heighten your sexual experience, and a spray that's warm or that tingles can just things moving very quickly.

Creams are also good for enhancement of the sexual experience, because they allow you and your partner to rub each other much in the same way you would do for a massage. By gently rubbing the cream into specific areas, it's possible for you to heighten the experience that your partner will have and make things even more enjoyable than they would otherwise be. Creams are great for taking your time and really making the experience last, which is something you may not get with some other forms of enhancement.

Gels are similar to creams, and they can be used in much the same way. They often get warm and/or tingle, which heightens pleasure dramatically and ensures that your experience will be a good one. Before you buy enhancing sprays, creams, and gels, talk to your partner and see what they would like to use or try. That way, you're not buying something your partner wouldn't be interested in, or that might make your partner uncomfortable. In order to really enjoy the different kinds of enhancing products, it's important that you and your partner are on the same page sexually and that you both like the same kinds of things in the bedroom.


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