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Sexual Hygiene - Sex Toy Cleaners, Anal Douches & Personal Grooming Products

Sex Toy Cleaners

Keeping your sex toys clean is a very important part of owning a sex toy. Why? - well, this helps prevent infections and diseases spreading, it also keeps the toy in mint and tip-top condition and ready for use. We recommend always cleaning with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner, soap, and water after every use. If your toy is made from silicone we also recommend using a refreshing powder on the toy, just before storage. We also recommend, not storing silicone toys next to each other, store them separately in their own silken, or cotton satchels/bags.

Anti-bacterial cleaners are the most common form of cleaning product for sex toys, and one should be used on every toy, after every use. We sell thousands of anti-bacterial cleaners every month. It's important to maintain good practices, with safe sex toys, for your own sexual health and hygiene.

Anal & Vaginal Douches

Pre-dominantly used with water, douches can be used to clean both vagina's and anus's. Liquid is stored in the douche reservoir, and then pumped into the cavity you wish to clean. Often this process is repeated with clean water, numerous times, till the water is flushing out clean. This process keeps your vagina and anus clean, makes them healthy, keeps bad smells away, and often people describe feeling sexier as the result.

If you have problems with smells, or bad odours then a douche is exactly what you need. Note: you should never share (without cleaning prior) between anus and vagina. After use always clean with a anti-bacterial cleaner, and plenty of warm soapy water to ensure hygiene is maintained.

Personal Grooming

Generally this refers to keeping your pubic hair region tidy and under-control. The modern style is pubic-free, or Brazilian, but there are numerous variations that people do, to keep themselves tidy, and feeling like an adult. There is a certain amount of pleasure in doing this, it can feel sexy to trim, or cut your pubic hair, as it's a secret, and only between you and your partner how trimmed you really are.

Both men and women, frequently trim their pubic hair, and sculpt their penis hair and vagina hair to better reflect their sexuality, their sexiness and their personality - some even sculpt into shapes, or caricatures.


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