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Medisil Magic Touch Massager, Hitachi Magic Wand

The Medisil Magic Touch Massager is based on the Hitachi Magic Wand from the United States. A little background on Hitachi Wand reveals that it has been North America's number 1 selling vibrator for well over 40 years. It is a mains powered vibrator, meaning it plugs directly into the power socket on the wall.

Based on the Hitachi Magic Wand

The biggest issue with using the original Hitachi Wand for Australians that it is incompatible with the mains power supply here in Australia - meaning that it cannot be used safely here without an adequate, and expensive, power transformer. Even with this it still might not be the safest solution and as such hasn't been bought extensively in Australia. In fact it cannot be legally sold here in Australia because of the incompatibility.

With this in mind the team from Down Under Toys took it upon themselves to make an Australian compatible version of the Hitachi Magic Wand, called the Medisil Wand, or Magic Wand. By all accounts the Australian Wand is a near copy of the Hitachi, with similar power output, durability and safety. The Medisil version even looks like the original, in its colour, style and design - a near replica.

The Medisil Wand is versatile

The Medisil Magic Touch is very versatile, with several general uses. It can be used as a normal every day body massager, to work out those muscle kinks everyone gets, or it can be transformed into a female vibrator with two very distinct attachments. The advantage that the Medisil Wand has is that it can easily fit all of the attachments that the Hitachi wand can, also, it has been designed to fit two of it's own, with a G-spot and dome attachment - as seen on this page. Both easily fit on the cone of the vibrator, transforming it into a specific massager for women.

You simply won't find a more powerful, more intense, more sustained massager or vibrator. The mains power of the Medisil mean that it nevers runs out, or dulls in its power of vibration. It has sustained and prolonged power, which can take the cone to an impressive 5000 vibes per minute. You can't fail to have fun with this vibrator!


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