Dorcel Luxury Collection Venus Balls

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Marc Dorcel
Marc Dorcel
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As the embodiment of sex and love the Greek goddess Venus was also responsible for beauty and desire, and it's a sure bet that her vagina was tight as a virgin! With something close to divine intervention the Venus Balls can make you feel like a Greek goddess yourself, providing weighted resistance to kegel exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor. They're also gently stimulating, ensuring that each workout with the Venus Balls is as pleasurable as it is effective.
Made with a smooth thermoplastic elastomer and joined together the two balls provide several points of resistance. Inserting easily, especially when coated with some water-based lubricant, the balls sit comfortably inside the vaginal canal with the attached pull cord left hanging outside. Once the balls are inserted, the muscles in your vagina will automatically clench on to them to hold them in place, unconsciously performing a perfect Kegel. While Kegels can be done without any added weights, the resistance provided by the Venus Balls' inclusion produces results that are far more effective.
Inside each ball is a set of free falling weights and as you move they will fall, creating subtle vibrations. It not only makes your vaginal workout a lot more stimulating, egging you on to do even more, but its effect is a definite turn on and a fun way to add to foreplay.
The attached balls are made with a softly textured thermoplastic elastomer that gives them a high comfort factor inside you, especially if you will be wearing them for a long period. Warming up while worn, you can enhance the effect by placing the Venus Balls in some hot water before insertion and they will feel even more comfortable and easier to insert. Washing easily, you can use soap and water or a toy cleaner to keep them free from bacteria and lubrication
Enjoy the Venus Balls and work out at the same time while you are watching TV, grocery shopping or just doing your household chores. They are a fun toy to add to a night out with your lover; watch their jaw drop when half way through dinner you let them in on the little secret you're wearing. Totally silent no one will know unless you tell them!
Take your cue from the Greek goddess of sex and tone up your most private area with some discreet exercises that will barely require any effort on your part. Just slip them in and enjoy the battery-free vibrations.

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