Dazzlerz Body Ornaments

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Amour, Mystique


A shimmery burst of jewels spiral out and makes your body shine with brilliant dark and light pink stones with the Armour Body Ornament Art. It's a way to add some jewelry to parts of your body you love to flaunt, and its ingenious design can even be used to hide areas you don't! The rather extensive range of Dazzlerz Body Art is a stunning way to accent your body, and their Dazzlerz Intimate Collection can be used in all sorts of fun and sensual ways. With this circular design you can accent any part of your body and with the hollow center it look sensational around the belly button or for the more daring with one around each nipple. You can have a lot of fun mixing and matching the different designs from the Dazzlerz Body Ornaments collections, creating a sensual look that you can easily remove after you're done. Each body adhesive is easy to apply and designed to be used only once. It's as easy as cleaning your skin and letting it dry then removing the clear plastic cover from the Intimate Dazzler. Choose where you want to put it, somewhere sensual, or somewhere downright dirty!, and press it against your skin to ensure a good seal. It will stay in place for up to eight hours but should be removed afterwards by simply peeling it slowly off the skin, then wash to ensure all adhesive has been removed.
Repeating rings of glimmer jewels circle around and shine with every movement of your body. In a gorgeous pattern of repeating rings in amber and diamante tones that highlight whatever is at the center this body jewelry will be sure to dazzle whoever gets a lucky glimpse of it. With a single appliqué contained in the package you can get creative with its placement, putting it around your belly button for a sensual look, or buying a second one and placing one around each nipple for a look that's downright kinky! Of course you can also a place this body jewelry anywhere over your body you'd like, with a single one making a beautiful accent at the small of the back or neck. It's extremely easy to use as well as body-safe, though it should only be applied to skin that is free from irritation and sensitivities. Simply clean skin thoroughly and let dry completely before peeling the backing off the body adhesive and then pressing against skin to ensure that you obtain a good seal. The Mystique appliqué will stick to your skin for between six to eight hours and should be removed by peeling off slowly, then disposing of in the trash as they are made for one time use only. Easy to apply, comfortable and irritating to wear, the Dazzlers Mystique Intimate Body Ornament Jewelry is a fun way to add an extra erotic touch.

Manufacturer SKU
Amour, Mystique


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