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Heavenly Body Sauces
Heavenly Body Sauces
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If you intend to keep your sex toys around then you need to take proper care of them. It not only ensures that they are in good condition but also keeps them free from germs and infection, keeping you in good condition too. In fact a good clean can not only get rid of bacteria but some STIs like hepatitis that can live for as long as several weeks outside of the body, making it especially important to give toys a good and thorough clean after sharing them. But rest assured, it's actually quite easy to care and clean for most sex toys, and you can begin with a quality toy cleaner like the Clean Vibe available here in a 125 mL bottle from Heavenly Body Sauces.
It's an antibacterial cleaner that's quick drying, and especially useful for those toys that aren't waterproof as well as toys like strokers where it may be difficult to adequately reach and disinfect every little inner crevice. The spray pump ensures that the cleaning solution gets everywhere you want it to go while keeping it away from charging ports and battery caps. For toys that are waterproof, including those without any power needed, you can spray them down freely with the Clean Vibe and then wipe them clean with a lint free cloth. You can take the extra step of rinsing again in clean water under a tap or by submerging fully then wiping again with a lint free cloth and leaving to dry. For toys that aren't waterproof you'll want to keep the spray away from the charging ports and battery caps so spraying the Clean Vibe onto a lint free cloth and using that to wipe your toy is another way to effectively clean up. You can follow the same steps to rinse it further with water if desired but again it's not necessary.
Clean Vibe's special antibacterial formula is extremely effective and has been extensively tested to ensure that it's safe for all types of toy materials including silicone, glass, rubber, ABS plastics, thermoplastics, thermoelastomers, jelly, PVC, Cyberskin, Vinyl, latex, nylon, and leather. Its ability to clean lots of surfaces and material types makes it great for cleaning more than just your dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs. It's also great for cleaning your electro toys as well as harnesses, masks, gags, blindfolds, and restraint equipment.

Heavenly Body Sauces
Manufacturer SKU


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