Classic Butt Plug

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Doc Johnson
Doc Johnson
Manufacturer SKU
0244-04-CD, 0244-05-CD, 0244-06-CD, 0244-01-CD, 0244-02-CD, 0244-03-CD


Satisfyingly shaped to fill you up with just the right size, this black medium sized Butt Plug hits all the right spots with its classic and easy to use shape. It has a delightfully firm feel to its shaft that lets you enjoy the full penetration play you want, but its PVC rubber material will still flex and bend to make sure that its inclusion in your anal cavity is comfortably suited to your body. Not only does it employ this entrancing mixture of firm and flexible feels but the addition of Doc Johnson's own Sil-A-Gel formula provides a safer, hygienic property that you can definitely appreciate in an anal toy. For those that have mastered a smaller size and want something larger, but not too big, this medium size will fit the bill. A slimly tapered shaft bulges out near its bottom before tapering down to a thin neck for your sphincter to clench around. The safety stop at the bottom sits comfortably in between your cheeks and makes a convenient handle for positioning and removing the plug. Though it's not overly large you'll still want to use some good lubrication along its entire surface, and luckily the PVC material can accommodate almost any type including silicone and water-based varieties. The Butt Plug from Doc Johnson is a perfect example of a traditional butt plug and designed with an extra sanitary composition that bends and shapes while remaining wonderfully firm; a winning combination for some truly satisfying anal play.
Go deep and take your anal pleasure to the next level with the large sized flesh coloured Classic Butt Plug from Doc Johnson. It features a traditional design that has been updated with a special rubber material made from a mixture of PVC and Doc Johnson's own Sil-A-Gel formula to create a highly hygienic alternative for your anal satisfaction, because the last thing you want to think about when this large plug is in your backside is whether or not it's safe to use. In fact, you'll be too overjoyed with the feel of every inch of this Classic Butt Plug up against you. A slim, tapered tip helps ease it inside, and you'll want lots of lubrication to help it along and make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable, so it's a good thing that the rubber material is compatible with just about any brand and type of silicone or water-based lubrication. The tip will ease past the sphincter and into the anal cavity with the underlying firmness of the rubber and once inserted the flexible nature will allow it to shape to your body for a more natural feel. A slim neck holds it in place, clenched on to by the sphincter, and just in case, the base at the bottom prevents overzealous play from pushing this big plug in too far. Beautifully shaped into a classic design that has held its own over time, the Large Classic Butt Plug will surely satisfy your deepest cravings for some big anal pleasures.

Doc Johnson
Manufacturer SKU
0244-04-CD, 0244-05-CD, 0244-06-CD, 0244-01-CD, 0244-02-CD, 0244-03-CD




Small: 10cm, Medium: 12.7cm, Large: 14 cm
Small: 2.5cm, Medium: 4.4cm, Large: 6.35 cm


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