Beginners Guide to Vibrators


Beginners Guide to Vibrators

So you're looking for a vibrator but not sure where to start in our vibrators category? With a vast array of shapes, sizes, designs and functions, our vibrators section can be confusing for those looking to buy their first vibe.

This guide will teach you how to tell a bullet from a butterfly vibe and help you choose the vibrators that will best enhance masturbation and sex with your partner.

rabbit vibrators

What are Rabbit Vibrators?

Also known as a Jack Rabbit vibrator, this kind of vibrator is a dual stimulator. Typically has a shaft in the range of 15cm long, with a protrusion from the side of the shaft, which is positioned almost in parallel to the shaft, known as the bunny ears. The main shaft stimulates the g-spot, like a regular vibrator, and the side protrusion, the bunny ears, stimulate the clitoris.

Can have one, two or three motors. Can have a rotating shaft, or thrusting shaft or both. The bunny can also be in the shape of a beaver, a dolphin or most commonly nowadays, nondescript. Made from a variety of materials, most commonly jelly-like substances, silicone, rubber, latex, also metal and plastic composites.

The rabbit vibrator rose to fame thanks to the TV show, Sex and The City first viewed back in 1998.

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clitoral vibrators

What are Clitoral Vibrators?

Clitoral vibrators come in a wide variety of shapes, and forms. The one thing that this kind of vibrator has in common is that it is designed to stimulate the clitoris exclusively. Usually smaller in size than an average vibrator, with a snub-nose, this kind of vibrator is not usually formed in the shape of a penis, it is more commonly nondescript in nature.

Sometimes shaped like an egg, or ball, or a short-form vibrator. Made to fit easily in the hand, and angled slightly to make clitoral stimulation easier. Can also be used as a body vibrator/massager.

Controls are usually positioned at the base of the vibe, to make single hand control easier. Usually multi-speed, and multi-pattern vibration, as the clitoris is far more sensitive to vibration the variety of control is required.

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bullet vibrators

What are Bullet Vibrators?

Even shorter in size than clitoral vibrators, the bullet vibrator shape and size tends to mean a compromise in vibration power, and functions have to occur. Typically the size of the vibrator is less than 9cm in length and often has only a one or two-speed single motor.

The control is most commonly a push button or twist bottom base. Sometimes the vibrator is controlled from a separate wireless or wired controller.

Due to their size, Bullet vibrators are mainly used for clitoral stimulation. They are the perfect size for travel, and being very discreet in size are available moulded to look like a pendant on a chain or a lipstick, to mask their true purpose.

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G-Spot vibrators

What are G-Spot Vibrators?

Usually, g-spot vibrators are moulded and shaped as a single shaft with a slightly curved tip. The design is made in such a manner so that once inserted in the vagina; it can angle and more easily be directed to stimulate the g-spot. Available in a variety of shapes and forms, but ultimately the curved tip is the giveaway to it being a g-spot vibrator.

Like a standard or classic vibrator, the G-Spot vibe is multi-speed, and multi-function, with push button controls on the bottom of the toy, or sometimes on a separate controller.

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Classic Vibrators

What are Classic Vibrators?

The classic vibrator form and shape is quite plain in comparison to other vibrators in that it is usually a single straight shaft, with a push button or twist control base. The classic vibrator can vary in length from 10cm up to 20cm+.

Made from a range of materials, silicone, plastics, rubber, PVC and composites, the classic vibrator is as the name suggests, the standard and basic kind of vibrator shape.

Can be used for clitoral, g-spot or body massage; Has a multi-speed, multi-function single motor, to vibrate the whole shaft.

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Kegel Balls

What are Kegel Balls (Ben-Wa Balls)?

Kegel balls differ greatly to the standard kind of vibrator, and in fact often do not vibrate at all. Typically made from a hard plastic, glass or rubber, in the form of one, two or three balls. Some are egg-shaped glass and tend to be larger than some of the balls. Some are strung together for easy removal, and some are loose and independent.

Kegel balls are inserted in the vagina, and allow a woman to exercise her vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, in a process of squeezing and relaxing. We recommend 30 seconds squeeze and 30 seconds relax for 10 minutes total. With repeated, and sustained use over a period of a few weeks, this muscle development provides great control of orgasms, and pleasure to a partner.

They are not considered safe for anal insertion because retrieval is likely to be difficult - please choose some anal beads if you want use for anal.

The Kegel or Ben Wa ball has been around in Chinese history for a very long time but became famous more recently thanks to the 50 Shades of Grey series of books.

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Realistic Vibrators

What are Realistic & Life-Like Vibrators?

Moulded to resemble a real penis; a life-like vibrator affords all of the benefits of a penis without the man attached to it.

Commonly moulded on a real penis, with a shaft and sometimes with balls and even with veins or ribs on the shaft. This kind of vibrator comes in sizes from 15cm up to and beyond 25cm+. Skin tones in white, brown, black.

Typically made from jelly-like, or silicone materials, a life-like vibrator feels like skin to the touch, often warming with more contact.

Usually has a single motor vibrator to make the whole shaft buzz. The controls are in most cases positioned in a twist bottom base or controller. Some are available with a remote controller.

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Body Massagers

What are Body Massagers?

Body massagers more often than not come in two standard forms – wand massagers, and palm-sized, hand-held massagers. Wand massagers are longer and thinner with a bulbous head, where the vibrations are concentrated. Palm-sized massagers are typically smaller and moulded to fit snugly in the palm.

While any, body massager could be used as a clitoral stimulator, they are usually bigger and have more power than any other vibrator in the range. In some cases, they even use mains power.

Typically they have more power and more options of vibration than other vibrators because their form is larger, allowing more electronics and room for motors.

Body massagers are usually 15cm+ in length, and available in a variety of shapes.

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Vibrator Kits

What are Vibrator Kits?

What makes vibrator kits different is that they often contain several kinds of vibrator in the one single kit or suite of products. Typically you will find a g-spot, clitoral, bullet and a classic vibrator all in the same kit, and sometimes with a bottle of lubricant and a toy cleaner.

It is for these reasons that kits are great for beginners who wish to try a bit of everything. Of course, each vibrator in the kit is never going to be of the greatest quality but they do offer a breadth of experimentation.

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