The Best-Selling Sex Toys in Australia


Over several years we compiled and collected data on the best selling sex-related products in Australia. The list of products we present below is a representation of the best-selling sex toys from 2013 to the present date. In looking at the ten best selling toys in Australia over this period of time, the evidence seems to indicate that we all want different things from our sex toys. The top ten list includes vibrators, masturbators, penis pumps, and anal toys, infact they all feature prominently in the list of best sellers.

From the sales information we have gathered since 2009 (although we only chose from 2013 onwards for the list below), the public seem to be a bit discerning on the products they choose, with price being a factor, as none of the below are top of the range, and nor are they bottom of the range. A quality product, a known brand and a moderate price all seem to count as factors in selecting toys.

Lets Take a Look at the Products

From an overview perspective the top ten products that customers bought seem to cover a broad range of product categories. Each toy seems to differ in the type of stimulation that it offers. Having said that, all but three of the ten toys could easily be classified and recognised as Unisex items. Just because a vibrator has what we deem in common terms to have a clitoral stimulator attached, this could just as easily be turned around and used to stimulate a man’s perineum, scrotum or anal area. Similarly, anybody can use the vibrator as a body massager.

No.1 to No.5

Waterproof Jack Rabbit (5 Row Beads)

Waterproof Jack Rabbit (5 Row Beads)

Stronic Eins

Stronic Eins

Ovo F4

Ovo F4

Lelo Gigi 2

Lelo Gigi 2

Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump








12 cm

23.8 cm

21.5 cm

16.5 cm (length) 11.4 cm (insertable)

35 cm


4 cm

3.5 cm

4.5 cm

16.5cm(6.5inches), insertable 11.4cm (4.5inches)

10.2 cm







No.6 to No.10

Tenga Flip Hole

Tenga Flip Hole

Optimale Ur3 Reversible 2 Way Stroker Frost

Optimale Ur3 Reversible 2 Way Stroker Frost

Doc Johnson The Realistic Cock UR3

Doc Johnson The Realistic Cock UR3

Butt Boy

Butt Boy

Classic Butt Plug

Classic Butt Plug








17.1 cm

17.8 cm (length) 10.2 cm (insertable)

Small: 10cm, Medium: 12.7cm, Large: 14 cm


7.6 cm

4.4 cm

Small: 2.5cm, Medium: 4.4cm, Large: 6.35 cm







Let's take a look at the top 10, and compare them and talk about the aspects of each that mach them among the most popular sex toys in 2015.

Waterproof Jack Rabbit

No.1 - Waterproof Jack Rabbit (5 Row Beads)

Being number one on the list obviously makes this rabbit vibrator a very popular purchase. The Waterproof Jack Rabbit is versatile in that it can be enjoyed with a partner or during solo play. Stimulation is delivered to the g-spot and clitoris from the reversible rotating head, shaft and beads, the variations in motion from the vibe modes.

Waterproof, battery operated it is hard to beat with a moderate quality PVC construction and ABS control section plus a choice of four vibrant colours.

The ideal partnership of specific vaginal and clitoral stimulation for women. The jelly texture makes the toy manoeuvrable and pliable enough to use gently or with some force if required. We know that any vibe is a good massager for other erogenous zones and this one is no different on that score. Start thinking about whether you want battery operated or rechargeable.

A great toy for beginners or intermediate users, as the material is good, but not top quality silicone. The price point makes this toy very attractive.

Stronic Eins

No.2 - Stronic Eins

Made by Fun Factory, the World famous German company that is known for making top quality products. The Eins is unique, as it simulates the thrusting penis whilst pulsing - this is very different to the usual kind of vibrator which just vibrates. The Eins is a g-spot vibrator that boasts ten rhythms of vibration. Although it does not have a specific clitoral stimulator like a dual vibrator, or rabbit, of course it can be removed from the vagina and used to stimulate any other area you wish, including the clitoris.

Customers tell us this is a particular favourite because it has a firmer feel to it when compared to jelly vibrators, and the silicone makes it feel lush to the touch. They also seem to like the recharge feature. Hands down the most positive feedback we get on the Stronic Eins is the thrusting mechanism though - by all accounts it's phenomenal.

The semi-firm silicone feels silky smooth and is completely different to other materials. Two rich colour choices that are very individual to Fun Factory, it is completely waterproof and has a 12-month warranty

If you are looking for thrust and pulse then this is for you. It is robust in feel and texture for the deeper sensation as it pulses and the shaft extends. Regulation of the control buttons is easy in one hand. Rechargeable via Fun Factory unique system of Click-N-Charge and will last for several hours if you need it to. Top quality toy, highly recommended - you would not regret purchasing the Stronic Eins vibrator.

Ovo F4

No.3 - Ovo F4

While not a top tier brand, Ovo are known for making good quality vibrators. The Ovo F4 is a smooth and sleek rod with a rounded tip. A firmer feel to the Ovo F4 though silky to touch, as it has a silicone coating skin. Five speed motor, and easy to manouevre when in hand make it easy to direct vibrations to all of your pleasure spots. The colour choices provided by Ovo offer a very feminine and delicate look to the toy but it does have a moderately powerful motor to drive it. The battery casing is enclosed in the base.

A more rigid g-spot vibrator, with a silicone coating or skin on a ABS shell. Offers moderately strong vibrations, and the feel is comfortable both internally and in your hand for operation of the controls.

Lelo Gigi 2

No.4 - Lelo Gigi 2

Another very popular toy for all the right reasons. With a stylish and sleek shape, the Lelo Gigi 2 is a top quality product. Has an ABS shell with a supple smooth silicone feel, re-chargeable, a good range of functions and a reliable warranty. Designed is Sweden, and is essentially for g-spot stimulation but still retains the qualities of a good all over massager because of the eight differing levels of vibration obtainable from the powerful inbuilt motor. Available in a set of 3 vibrant colours and all are delicate and indicate the thought that went into the creation of this vibrator.

Re-chargeable and shaped specifically for G-Spot stimulation. Exceptional quality and guaranteed to last. Perfect for internal or external massage in other areas. The perfect Go-To toy for any women who likes values quality and reliability. A must have.

Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

No.5 - Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

The most popular in the penis pump range because of the reputation of the product. It is more expensive than a lot of the penis pumps but the quality appears to outweigh price when it comes to results. The Hydromax pump is one of the latest innovations from Bathmate. Known for making quality penis pumps, Bathmate has delivered with this toy.

The pump is of a firm structure with varying components in plastic, rubber, silicone seals and some metal components, those of which come into contact with the skin are phthalate free and safe to use in the genital area. With time, stamina increases with the increased amount of blood drawn into the penis and retained due to the vacuum effect of the pump. A cock ring slipped on prior to intercourse, trapping the blood in the penis, will ensure your erection is harder, will last longer and will create a more powerful orgasm.

Good quality does not come cheap and you can rely on the quality of the Hydromax to perform to expectations. Just be sure to start slowly and not pump up too much to start with.

The Hydromax by Bathmate is a reliable and sturdy penis pump, which is deserving of being our most popular sex toys for 2015.

Tenga Flip Hole

No.6 - Tenga Flip Hole

The Flip Hole is a favourite among the masturbation toys because of it being re-useable, top quality, and from customer feedback, it feels awesome. The masturbation sleeve is enclosed in an outer firm casing, this creates the tunnel for Flip Hole masturbator. The middle of the sleeve is expandable and makes the toy suitable for the majority of men regardless of length or width. The holding case, and silicone sleeve can both flip open, to better facilitate cleaning. The internal structure is ribbed - with all of the different coloured Tenga Flip Hole's having a slightly different texture. Easy one has nodules, stipples, ripples, ticklers in a variety of positions within the internal sleeve of the Flip Hole - these make for amazing sensations. Three different lube types with the pack for you to try out and then you can purchase them separately when you have chosen your favourite. Available in silver, black, red or white, with each having a different internal sleeve texture configuration.

Made to fit in at the top of the masturbation market with its unique design and technology. Very popular, we highly recommend this toy - probably the best masturbator that money can buy.

Optimale Ur3 Reversible 2 Way Stroker Frost

No.7 - Optimale Ur3 Reversible 2 Way Stroker Frost

Convenient, easily stored in it’s own tough plastic case. So long as it is kept clean and dry before you put it away, it will last for a few years at least. The toy itself is available in several internal textures, all providing a different feel and sensation. They include half ball structures on one side and out the other way, smooth as a vagina. Produced from Doc Johnson’s renowned Sil-A-Gel material that has anti-bacterial properties it will endure for the long haul. Approximately 15cm in length it is designed to be slipped over your penis and then stroked with your hand (with lubricant of course). We recommend that you use a lubricant with this toy, otherwise it will be very dry, and chaffing - use a water-based lubricant.

Perfect for travel in the container and easy to store in a drawer at home. A good quality simple design to give maximum satisfaction every time. The reversible aspect makes a difference because you can switch up the feel quickly. Variety is always a good thing.

The Realistic Cock Ur3

No.8 - The Realistic Cock Ur3

The UR3 Cock is one of the most popular dildo's that we sell - a truly unisex item which can be used in strap-ons, as a standalone dildo with it's suction cup for sticking to a wall, table or for just holding the end. This model is available in differing lengths, girths and colours to suit. If you hold one in your hand they feel incredible skin-like and are firm just as an erect penis would be. They vary a little in compound and so check details on the particular one you are looking for before buying. A versatile toy for use with your partner or on your own. Use only water-based lubricants.

It will not wear out. It will not go soft or leave you wanting. It will serve you for a long time to come. Great quality product made by a great company, Doc Johnson.

Butt Boy by Rocks Off

No.9 - Butt Boy

Black or bright red silicone, a smooth surfaced, cone shaped plug fashioned on the up part of an L shape toy. The lower part that holds the bullet is stippled and sits on the perineum to vibrate and create dual stimulation. The bullet is one of the Rocks Off RO80 bullets and this provides a great amount of power through the entire toy. The variation of vibration is achieved by pushing the button on the end of the bullet, and this cycles through the different speeds. A good all-round prostate massager/butt plug due to the varying speed, anal capable use, perineum and testicle stimulation. Not for use with silicone based lubricants, use with water-based lubricant only.

One of the more exciting butt plugs/prostate massagers on the market - a great quality toy, good silicone material and great vibrating bullet power source. Remember that you can also use it without the bullet and manoeuvre it by hand for a change.

Classic Butt Plug

No.10 - Classic Butt Plug

As the name suggests, it is a classic. A great unisex butt plug, one of the essential must have items in your toy box. Sizing choices are varied and a choice of flesh or black is available to you. If it is or first time, start small and progress up to the large. The flared base will give security that the plug is not going to be inserted too far. For those wearing one for extended periods of time, the flared end is pliable enough to sit outside the anus and still be comfortable. The silicone compound used is safe for body contact and washing should be done before and after each use.

The surface is sleek and smooth and easy to keep hygienic. Simple is often best, and we recommend this toy. A great toy to own, and if you're into anal then owning the entire range is always an option.

Considerations In Choosing This Top 10

We considered so many aspects, and this top ten came directly from our product sales information. We hope that we have given you some useful information in this buyers guide, and that it helps you in your choice of products.


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