The Ultimate Penis Pump Buyer's Guide


Which is the Best Penis Pump?

If you want the best, you need to be prepared to cough up the big bucks. That's why we recommend the Bathmate range hydro pumps. By using water instead of air, the Bathmate pumps increase pressure right over your entire cock. It's safer and easier to clean, and you can take it into the bath or shower where you'll usually be feeling at your most relaxed. The sensation of warm water swishing around your cock is unbeatable, and regular use will help you get a longer-lasting erection.


Whether you're looking for assistance with erectile dysfunction, want to help overcome your premature ejaculation issues, have had side effects from prostate surgery or you're simply looking to pump up your cock and stay harder for longer, there's a penis pump out there for you. They've been used by the medical profession for years to help treat a range of problems, and now you can use one in the privacy of your own home to get a rock-hard cock. Choose from a manual pump or an electric hands-free device, and with each pump you can watch yourself getting longer and wider. The way a penis pump works is pretty simple, yet it's so incredibly effective. You insert yourself into the device, creating a tight seal around your penis. Then, each pump sucks out the air (or water) and creates a vacuum that traps blood in the penis. It's less invasive than surgery, and the side effects aren't as serious. You just need to be careful not to overpump or you could end up with bruising or burst blood vessels.

Products Featured: Bathmate Hydromax.

The Best-Selling Penis Pumps in Australia

When you're starting out, it can be hard to know which penis pump will be best for you. To help give you an idea of what men around the country are turning to, we've outlined the top-selling penis pumps and a few of their main features. It's a great starting point, to give you an idea of what's popular.

Dr Joel Kaplan Stroking Power Pump

Dr Joel Kaplan Stroking Power Pump

Mojo G-Force Black

Mojo G-Force Black

Renegade Intensity Pump

Renegade Intensity Pump

Auto-Vac Power Pump

Auto-Vac Power Pump

Accu-Meter Power Pump

Accu-Meter Power Pump








14 cm (sleeve) 6 cm (cylinder diameter) 20 cm (cylinder)

21 cm

28 cm

20.3 cm


4 cm (sleeve) 6 cm (cylinder diameter) 4 cm (cylinder)

6.98 cm

6.6 cm

2.75 cm


ABS (tube)/PVC (bulb)/TPE (sleeve)





Comparison of Top 5

We've taken the five best-selling penis pumps in Australia and written an in-depth description of what each one offers. You'll see that there's a range of materials, functions, purposes and benefits to each. Start making a wish-list of what you want from a penis pump, and use this guide to help narrow down your choices along the way.

Dr Joel Kaplan Stroking Power Pump

Endorsed by Dr Joel Kaplan, the world's leading authority on Erection Enhancement Therapy, this pump is incredibly versatile and offers a number of different stimulation options. The hard plastic cylinder is transparent, allowing you to see the soft, stretchy TPE (Thermo-Plastic Elastomer) sleeve inside. The entrance to the sleeve is shaped like a pair of lips, which close tightly around your penis as you slide yourself in. The transparent finish means you can watch yourself getting bigger and harder as the pump goes to work. Once you are snugly inside, use the manual pump to find your preferred level of suction, and be sure to use the clever quick-release valve if you go too far and feel uncomfortable or in pain.

A few pumps is all it takes, so start off slow and you can always make it tighter or looser as you go. Now you can switch on the vertical stroking element, which can be as fast or slow as you like. The faster speed is designed to feel like a woman's vagina as it expands and contracts around your penis during sex. This pump also has a vibrating option, which you can use simultaneously while it strokes, or on its own with no stroking technique. The controller is easy to use, and features two dials. One allows you to control the levels of vibration and the other allows you to control the intensity of the strokes. The way it has been designed means you feel the majority of action on the shaft and head of penis, rather than the base. The outer cylinder and controller are made from hard plastic.

The sleeve inside is made from high quality TPE, which is free of latex and phthalates (a controversial plastic softening chemical that has been linked to serious health issues). The sleeve is 14 cm long and 4cm in width, with a diameter of 6cm so you might want to measure yourself up before purchase. This is a big unit, and it can be tricky to maneuver while using. You can hold it in your hand or rest it on the bed, so it might just take some practice to get used to. The controller takes 4 x C batteries The sleeve is flexible, but it's also quite firm thanks to the TPE material so you might need to be semi-erect to insert yourself easily, and we highly recommend you use a quality lube with this pump. Cleaning is something you will need to take great care with, as this device is not waterproof. There is no way to remove the inner sleeve after you've finished, so you will need to get a cloth inside the unit to clean it.

Mojo G-Force Black

There's no mucking about with hand pumps, hand cramps and trying to reach your desired level of suction with this clever pump. It's fully digital so you just set your PSI level and let the pump do all the hard work. One of our favourite features is that the sleeve is made from 100% hypoallergenic, non-porous, body safe silicone. This means you don't have to worry about any nasty bacteria building up, provided you clean it thoroughly before and after each use. And that's the other bonus - cleaning is a breeze because the entire pump comes apart. It comes with three parts: the digital pump, a silicone connecting hose and the see-through cylinder with removable silicone seal.

Assembly is quick and easy, and you'll be ready to go in no time. Use a water-based lube and slide yourself in until you feel the vacuum seal close over the base of your penis. Then it's just a matter of setting your desired PSI on the digital pump and letting it go to work. Once it has reached the set level, it will simply hold that level in place. Watch your penis grow and fill up the sleeve as it gets harder, then keep the device on for around 15-20 minutes. Once you've taken it off, it's time to put that erection to use. It runs on 4 x AA batteries (not included) and we love the powerful silicone vacuum seal for maximum suction.

Renegade Intensity Pump

This is a fully customisable and easy to use pump, designed to last. Purchase any or all of the Renegade Man's Cylinders (three sizes to choose from) and switch it up, attaching whichever one tickles your fancy at the time. This means you don't have to buy a new pump for every occasion. The aluminium pump connects to the cylinders via a tube, and lets you control the level of suction with the easy to use handle. Pull it up to create a vacuum seal, and feel your cock fill with blood and become hard and thick. If it becomes uncomfortable or too tight, just use the release valve to lower the pressure. Leave it on for around 15minutes to give yourself enough time to get rock hard, and then you're ready for an intense sex session or some quality alone time. It's easy to clean with soap and warm water, and letting it air dry will make sure there's no bacterial build-up. It's durable, long lasting and can be tailored to your needs thanks to the three types of cylinders that have been designed to fit the pump (sold separately).

Auto-Vac Power Pump

No pills. No medical procedures. No doctor's appointments. This battery-powered pump is a fast, effective way to pump up your erection at home. Lube yourself up, slide yourself in and watch yourself grow through the high quality transparent TPE tube. There's no fiddling around with a manual hand pump, just make sure you've pushed yourself in far enough to create a tight seal around the end of your cock, press the button and let the machine do all the work. Once you've reached the level you're comfortable with, push the quick release button and enjoy the feel of a thick, hard erection in your hands. This pump comes with an additional cock ring, so you can slide that over to make your hard-on last even longer. The cylinder is made from a thick ABS plastic and the inner sleeve is made from TPR (Thermo-Plastic Rubber). It runs on 3 x AAA batteries which don't come included so make sure you buy them separately in order to use the pump straight away.

Accu-Meter Power Pump

This high-quality pump sets the bar pretty high in terms of helping you get and maintain an erection. The cylinder is around 20cm long and has measurements along the side (in both inches and centimetres) so you can get a clear reading and be amazed at the results. We recommend using plenty of lube (included) before sliding into the TPR (Thermo-Plastic Rubber) sleeve, and if you've got sensitive skin you might want to use a condom as rubber is not hypoallergenic. Insert yourself as far as possible, and feel the sleeve form a snug, tight grip around your penis.

Each squeeze of the EZ Grip pump will activate the vacuum suction, and you can watch yourself getting bigger and harder as you go. The gauge allows you to see what pressure level you're at, and it reads in both inHg and cmHg and ranges from 0 to 76 cmHg (or 0 to 30 inHg). Once you're fully erect, press the quick release valve to release the pressure, then slide yourself out and take a good look. Impressed? We thought so. If you want to prolong your erection, this pump comes with an enhancement ring, so slip it down to the base of your cock and trap that blood in there for a little longer. It's great for use before sex. It's easily cleaned in soap and warm water, and should be washed before and after each use.

The Most Popular Penis Pump Brands

Not all penis pumps are created equal. We've been in this industry a long time and we know that our customers want a range of quality materials, great price and effective results. These are some of our favourite brands on the market, making penis pumps that aim to tick all the boxes.


When you think of a penis pump, you most likely think of an air-suction device, right? Well, Bathmate is a UK company that uses a patented hydro-pump design, which gives you an incredible amount of suction from water instead of air. Although, you can also use air in the pumps if you choose, so you're getting the best of both worlds! The thinking behind the technology is that water can't be compressed in the same way air can, so you'll get a more intense and powerful vacuum effect. They've got a range of pumps that differ in size, girth and attachments. Jump in the bath, shower, hot tub or sauna and see results quickly thanks to the clever water-assisted design.

Bathmate logo

Top 4 Bathmate Penis Pumps

Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

Bathmate Hercules

Bathmate Hercules

Bathmate Parts

Bathmate Parts

Bathmate Goliath Clear

Bathmate Goliath Clear







35 cm



10.2 cm




Polycarbonate/rubber/stainless steel spring

Cal Exotics

This Californian company specialises in a range of penis pumps to suit every need and every budget. Started over 20 years ago, this company is headed up by a woman and has a focus on creating effective, tasteful products that are marketed at men, women and couples looking to boost their love life and their performance in the bedroom (or out of it!). Choose from traditional non-vibrating pumps, vibrating pumps, the Dr Joel Kaplan range, the Big Man's Pump for those with an above-average length and a variety of attachments made from the highest quality materials available.

Cal Exotics logo

Top 5 Cal Exotic Penis Pumps

His Ultimate Sta-Hard Kit

His Ultimate Sta-Hard Kit

His Essential Pump Kit

His Essential Pump Kit

Black Jack Stroker

Black Jack Stroker

Max Results Pump

Max Results Pump

Precision Pump

Precision Pump








Probe(12cm), Stimulator(5cm), Masturbator(12.75cm), Cylinder(19.75cm)

Probe(11.5cm), Cylinder(19.75cm)

17 cm

22.75 cm (cylinder length)


Probe(2.5cm), Stimulator(2.5cm), Masturbator(6.25cm), Cylinder(5.75cm)

Probe(2.5cm), Cylinder(5.75cm)

6 cm

Various sizes dependant on model chosen, typically - 5.75 cm (cylinder) 7.5 cm (pump diameter) - 7 cm (cylinder) 7.5 cm (pump diameter)


Cylinder(ABS Plastic), Probe(Silicone), Rings(Silicone)

Cylinder(ABS Plastic), Probe(Thermoplastic Rubber), Donut(Thermoplastic Rubber)

TPE (sleeve)/ABS (cylinder and pump)/PVC (bulb)

ABS with Silver Plating/Phthalate free PVC/SAN/Silicone



With over 40 years experience in helping men achieve their desire for harder, longer-lasting erections, PipeDream knows its stuff. That's why it has been awarded over 70 prestigious industry titles over the years, including Manufacturer of the Year from the Free Speech Coalition. The PumpWorx range has something for everyone, with 35 penis-enhancing devices (and counting!). They're aimed at solo play as well as use with your partner, at an affordable price point so nobody misses out. Choose from a pistol grip or an EZ Grip manual pump, vibrating or non-vibrating and a range of colours and materials.

PumpWorx logo

Top 5 PipeDream/PumpWorx Penis Pumps

PDX Super Cyber Snatch Pump

PDX Super Cyber Snatch Pump

Pump Worx Deluxe Auto Vac Pump

Pump Worx Deluxe Auto Vac Pump

Mega Vac Power Pump

Mega Vac Power Pump

Digital Power Pump

Digital Power Pump

Sure Grip Power Pump

Sure Grip Power Pump








19.1 cm

7.95 inches

17.5 cm (insertable)

27.5 cm

22.8 cm


6.4 cm

2.64 inches

5.6 cm

6.9 cm

6.7 cm



ABS Plastic - Acrylic - Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)




The Different Types of Penis Pumps

Now that you know a bit more about the sorts of penis pumps that are selling well, have a good reputation and which companies are making them it's time to take a closer look at the different types of penis pumps that are available. It can be overwhelming if you're new to the scene, but this detailed guide will take you through each variety and you can narrow down your choices.

Balloon penis pump

Balloon Pump

Also known as the squeeze ball pump, or bulb pump, this is the most common type of device you'll see. It's essentially a little ball that you squeeze to activate the vacuum action, designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The more you squeeze, the tighter the sleeve around your penis becomes. Always look for one that's got a quick-release safety valve, because if you create too much pressure in the pump then you'll risk doing damage to your penis - or at the very least it will be uncomfortable. Some of the older versions don't have this option, so make sure yours does. It will usually be a simple button or valve that instantly releases the pressure once you've hit your desired level. These will usually be the cheapest option available.

Trigger/Pistol Grip penis pump

Trigger Grip Pump

The trigger grip, or pistol grip, gives more power than the traditional bulb pump. It'll work to create a more effective vacuum seal in a shorter amount of time, so it won't take many pumps to reach your desired level of hardness. It's easier to maintain control over the amount of pressure in the cylinder and a cheaper option than an electric pump. It's also a more comfortable grip than the ball mechanism, meaning you can pump for longer without as much risk of cramping. Some popular trigger grip pumps include the Dr Joel Penis Pump System, the more affordable PipeDream Mega Grip XL Power Pump or Max Precision Power Pump.

Electric Vac penis pump

Electric Pump

The main selling point for any electric penis pump is that it's going to be completely hands free, allowing you to focus on the sensations rather than concentrating on pumping with a bulb or trigger grip handle. You pre-set your desired level of pressure and watch the pump do all the work. Make sure you know where the quick-release valve is, so you can undo the vacuum seal and slide yourself out to enjoy the spoils of all that hard work. An electric pump, like the PipeDream Mega Vac Power Pump, is considered a safe option, as each one has ben designed to stop once it reaches a certain level. Some, like the Oneisall Electric Auto Suck Vibrating Penis Pump will even include a vibrating option or a tickler so that it becomes more than just a performance enhancement device - it will also give the user an added level of pleasure.

Water penis pump

Water-Based Pump

A water-based penis pump, or hydro pump is designed to be taken in the bath, shower, spa or hot tub. Seeing as the water acts as a natural lubricant, you don't need to muck around with messy tubes or sachets. Water pumps will usually be more expensive, but you're paying for the comfort and safety. Because your penis is fully immersed in water, there's no way of pushing out of the "safe" zone and into a painful, dangerous place where you've created an uncomfortable amount of suction. They also evenly distribute the suction, from the base of your penis, through the shaft and right into the tip. A water pump is really easy to use, you just fill the chamber with warm water (be careful it's not too hot), jump in the bath or shower and start pumping. Obviously, being a waterproof device means cleanup is easier as well. Bathmate make some of the highest quality hydro pumps on the market.

Vibrating penis pump


A vibrating device, such as the PipeDream Vibrating Sure Grip Pump is used to add sexual pleasure to the mix, but it's also a useful medical aid for those who have had surgery or suffered an injury. The vibrations help lengthen the amount of time an erection will last, and help you get there faster. However, it does have the added benefit of bringing an exciting level of stimulation and enjoyment to the pumping experience. It's a completely different sensation to penetrating a woman's vagina, as you're getting an incredible amount of suction at the same time.

Combination - Masturbator and penis pump

Combination - Masturbator & Penis Pump

If you're after something that pumps you up and makes you feel good at the same time, then you can go for a combination masturbator and penis pump. They're designed to give your hands a break, using a suck-and-release action to bring you to a powerful orgasm. It's more like a blowjob than sex, especially if you use lots of water-based lube. Some will come with a vibrating option, and the opening of the sleeve will often be shaped like a pair of lips to add a handy visual element to the fun.

Things to Consider When Buying A Penis Pump

Now it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Sure, thinking about the materials and the price of your device is not as much fun as choosing between a water-based pump or an air pump, but they're important factors nonetheless. Take a look at each section, and start narrowing down your options to help find the perfect penis pump.


Your penis will be coming into direct contact with any penis pump you choose, so it's important to think about the types of material it is made from, especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

  • Silicone - Silicone is the safest material available, but unfortunately it doesn't have a lot of stretch. So you won't find many penis pumps that feature a silicone sleeve. We recommend the Mojo Momentum Power Grip Penis Pump, which has a 100% silicone sleeve. Or you can buy silicone pumping sleeves that are designed to add increased constriction, and will have the added benefit of being totally safe against your penis. Make sure you get one that fits your device, as they won't all be the same size. Silicone is hypoallergenic, non-porous and easy to clean.
  • Composites - You'll often get devices that are made using a few different materials. The cylinder of a pump might be made from ABS plastic while the inner sleeve will be made from stretchy TPR or TPE.
  • Rubber - Rubber is one of the cheapest products out there, and it's also the most flexible. If your device is made from TPR (Thermo-Plastic Rubber) that means it will have heaps of stretch, but it's not going to be entirely body safe. Rubber is porous, so if you don't clean it properly then you might get a nasty buildup of bacteria. It can be cleaned, but not sanitised. Sometimes rubber has an unpleasant smell but you'll find this fades over time.
  • TPE - Thermo-Plastic Elastomer is considered to be safer than TPR, because it doesn't contain latex or phthalates - the plastic softening chemical that has been linked to some pretty serious health issues and even banned from children's toys in the EU. It will often be more expensive, but you can be assured of a higher quality finish that will last longer.

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Penis pump and cylinder size

Cylinder Length & Width

The most important thing to remember when looking at the length and width of a pump is that you must be able to fit comfortably in there with a full erection. If you're new to pumping, it's hard to tell how big you're going to get. So we recommend giving yourself an extra 5 or 6 centimetres to be on the safe side. To measure yourself before buying, grab a ruler or tape measure and lay it on top of your penis, with the end pushed as close to your body as possible. The cylinder should be about 5 or 6cm longer than this. To find your diameter, wrap a piece of string or ribbon or even a strip of paper around your erect penis. Mark with a felt-tipped pen where it meets up, then lay it flat against a ruler and take the measurement from this.

Seals & Sleeves

The great thing about today's market is that companies are making penis pumps to suit all shapes and sizes. Back in the day, you simply got the one sized pump regardless of your length and girth. This means that above-average guys were having to squeeze themselves uncomfortably inside the pump and guys with smaller penises weren't getting great results. Now you can choose from a whole range of shapes and sizes. The sleeve and seal are the parts that will suffer the most wear and tear while pumping, so you might need to replace them down the track. Make sure you get parts that fit your pump, and check with the manufacturer first in case you need to buy a whole new device. The sleeve will usually be made from a soft, stretchy material like TPR. The seal might be shaped like a pair or lips or a vagina, like the PipeDream Travel Trio Pump Set.

Seals and sleeves
Vibrating vs non-vibrating benefit analysis

Vibrating vs Non-Vibrating

This one's hard to compare as there are positives and negatives on both sides - vibrating penis pumps vs non-vibrating - in the end it's a personal choice and preference. Penis pumps weren't traditionally made with a vibrating function, but nowadays the technology has advanced enough that you can take this option if you like.

Pro's of Vibrating

  • 1 - Once the pump has made you erect, the vibrations can keep you there for longer
  • 2 - Adds an element of pleasure to the experience, rather than just enhancing your performance
  • 3 - Often come with a seal shaped like a vagina or lips, so you can close your eyes and visualise being with a woman

Pro's of Non-Vibrating

  • 1 - Sometimes the vibrating aspect can be seen as a gimmick, that doesn't add anything helpful to the performance enhancing aspect of a pump. So if you choose a non-vibrating device you know they've focused more on designing an effective pumping machine, rather than a combination pumping and pleasure device
  • 2 - No noise
  • 3 - There won't be any batteries or remotes included so will mean you can use your device anywhere, anytime

The choice is all down to your own experience. Perhaps you have tried a non-vibrating penis pump in the past and want to mix things up, or maybe you're not getting much pleasure from the experience. Why not give a vibrating penis pump a try, from a brand like Cal Exotics or PipeDream PipeWorx. If you're someone who experiences premature ejaculation, the vibrations will make you orgasm harder and faster. So if you're looking to prolong the erection then maybe stick with a traditional non-vibrating pump and work your way up.

Water vs Air Pump

An air pump creates a vacuum by sucking the air out of the cylinder, while a water pump (or hydro pump as they are also known) uses the pressure of water to help boost your erection. Both have their place, but if you're going with an air pump make sure you spend the extra money and get something from a trusted brand like PipeDream or Cal Exotics. You need something with a quick release valve to ensure you don't damage yourself by over-pumping. Water pumps are generally seen as a lot safer because they've got a predetermined level of maximum pressure.

Pro's of Air Pump

  • 1 - Great for men suffering from micropenis
  • 2 - A range such as Dr Joel Kaplan's pumps can be customised to fit your size and shape
  • 3 - Cheaper than a water pump, so they're ideal for beginners if you aren't sure whether you will like (or get results) from a penis pump

Pro's of Water Pump

  • 1 - Water distributes pressure more evenly, so you'll experience a difference in your entire penis rather than just one area
  • 2 - It's more versatile, and you can take it in the bath, shower or spa where you are usually at your most relaxed
  • 3 - There's no need for lube and it's going to be easier to clean than a non-waterproof pump

If you're just starting out, a traditional air pump is a good entry point. Get used to the way it makes you look and feel, work out what sort of pressure you like and become accustomed to using it before sex. Once you're comfortable with using a penis pump you might like to switch it up and try a water pump (or hydro pump as they are also known). Bathmate and Penomet are the main brands making water pumps.

Air vs Water pump


If used incorrectly, a penis pump can cause damage to your penis. It could be something mild, like temporary discolouration, bruising, burst blood vessels or blisters. But you could also cause yourself some serious damage, like developing a condition called Peyronie's disease, which is a lump that forms on the penis causing it to curve unnaturally. Always follow manufacturer's instructions and use the quick release valve to immediately stop the suction before it becomes painful. Over-pumping is the most common way men do damage to themselves. Some men find that their balls will continually get sucked into the base of the cylinder. To stop this from happening, just hold a towel around the pump, with one hand holding the base of your testes.

Expected Outcomes

Most men who use a penis pump will get an erection that allows them to have sex. You'll get a temporary increase in length and girth, which can be maintained with regular pumping. If you've had prostate surgery, using a pump can help support the tissue health of your penis and if you suffer from erectile dysfunction you'll find that it helps you get hard and stay hard for longer. The results will differ for each person, because everyone is using it for a different reason. Generally, penis pumping will increase your length by around 5-6cm and your girth by about 3-4cm. This is a generalisation, and it won't be like that for everyone and it's also based on frequent pumping sessions. For permanent size increase, surgery is a possibility. But this is very overwhelming, expensive and potentially dangerous. So lots of men are turning to penis pumps for short-term gains without the risk.

Using a penis pump doesn't just have to be for enhancing purposes, you can also get a lot of pleasure from it. Try something like the Cal Exotics 10-function Adonis pump, which comes with a perineum tickler and vibe saddle that allows you to control where you feel the most vibrations. Or the PipeDream Pump Worx Deluxe Vibrating Power Pump.

Results from using a penis pump
The manufacturer/brand of cock ring might matter to some people

Trusted Brands

Everyone claims to be the best, but sometimes you need an insider to help you separate the authentic brands from the pretenders. That's where we come in. We've been around long enough to know who is making penis pumps from high quality, durable materials and who will give you the best deal in terms of price, customer service and warranty. If you choose a penis pump from PipeDream's Pump Worx range, Cal Exotics or Bathmate you know you're getting the best.

We always recommend choosing a good quality penis pump that also suits your needs. A cheap brand will break, tear or stop working faster than something you've paid more money for.


You get what you pay for. It's as simple as that. The good thing about buying a penis pump is that there's a wide range of price tags out there, and it's just a matter of narrowing down your choices and finding something that benefits your wallet as much as it benefits your cock! There's no right or wrong amount to spend on a penis pump, you have to find something that suits your budget. But be aware that buying something cheap means it is more likely to break easily, or might be made from cheap rubber that could cause a reaction to your skin. A more expensive penis pump will usually come with a warranty, and you might be able to get free or cheap replacement parts like hoses and pressure gauges, depending what brand you choose. Your penis is a sensitive tool, and you want to make sure you're getting a penis pump that isn't going to do damage. By choosing a more expensive pump you'll have better peace of mind. Hydro pumps, or water pumps, particularly Bathmate brand, will usually be the most expensive option but you're definitely getting a far better experience in our books.

price can be a consideration


After reading our in-depth guide to choosing a penis pump, you will hopefully have narrowed down your choices and can now begin shopping. Remember to always use it safely, and to never over-pump or you could cause some serious damage. Most importantly, have fun with it. Watch yourself grow bigger and harder as you fill up the cylinder, and maybe slip on a cock-ring when you're done in order to keep that erection going as long as possible. If you've got any questions, get in touch because we have been doing this for a long time and can answer just about any query you've got in relation to buying and using penis pumps.


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