How to use a Penis Pump


How to use a Penis Pump

The basic premise behind using a penis pump is to draw more blood into the penis engorging it. Because the increased blood flow will ensure a harder and more lengthy erection time, it follows that improvement in sexual performance will be the result. From our customer feedback, the ability to last longer and experience more pleasurable orgasms are two clear benefits.

Claims that repeated use of a penis pump will increase size, is still not proven. Scientists have yet to find evidence that the claims are justified. This does not mean there aren’t guys who have experienced gains in length and girth even if only temporarily. What we do know is that repeated use, and following a strict regime will improve how you feel about your penis size.

The benefit of using a penis pump is the engorging of the penis with blood and when used in conjunction with a cock ring slipped onto the penis whilst still engorged, your erection will last a lot longer. The fuller and thicker erection presents a unique type of orgasm.

We do ask customers to be aware of any prior blood related medical problems, before using a penis pump. Consult your doctor if you have these kinds of problems.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Using a Penis Pump

Read our step by step guide on how to use a penis pump - from preparation through to ejaculation.

  1. Preparation - It is important to create a good suction, this is why we suggest you consider shaving or clipper some of the hair around the base of your penis. Excess hair can prevent adequate or sustained suction. The added benefits are that a shaved penis looks much bigger, and most women prefer a man with a clean and trim penis - it just looks better.
  2. Ensure the pump, and tubes are all firmly attached, and not snagged, kinked or weak at any point in the connection.
  3. Slip a soft, stretchy silicone cock ring over the base of the cylinder, this is to use later when the pump has done its work. It will need to be a top quality cock ring, that returns to its former shape and size quickly after use - this will become clear when explained at a later point.
  4. Stroke your penis before entering the cylinder. Bring yourself to a firm or semi-firm erection before inserting your penis in the cylinder.
  5. Place the pump cylinder over your penis ensuring you press firmly against your skin at the base.
  6. Using the trigger or balloon pump, slowly pump to remove air from the cylinder. The aim is to draw air from the cylinder, to create the vacuum. The vacuum draws blood into the penis, engorging it and making it feel full, thick and long. The pumping process will start to give you an erection immediately and for a full erection is should take between 1 minute and 5 minutes to achieve. Pump slowly so as to enjoy the growth process.
  7. Once you have an erection, release of the vacuum as quickly or slowly as you wish.
  8. The next step is to roll the cock ring off the pump cylinder, and onto your penis as quickly as possible. Some people find they can roll the cock ring off prior to deflation and if you feel able to do this then now is the time to do it, otherwise this step needs to be a quick change-over and requires some fast hand movements. We do this, to ensure the penis maintains an erection, and the cock ring holds a lot of the blood in the penis for longer.
  9. Enjoy your sexual activity. The erection and full blood feeling should last long enough to have full sexual intercourse or masturbation.
  10. Clean your penis pump and cock ring thoroughly, using warm soapy water.

By using this ‘how to’ guide, and incorporating these great tips in your every day penis pumping regime, we hope that it will increase your orgasmic pleasure, and also result in a fuller and more complete sexual experience.

Penis Pump Techniques

There are four main ways to use your penis pump - fast, slow, medium and the repeater.

  1. At a medium pace - this is by far the most common method of using a penis pump. It takes 5-10 minutes to complete this process depending on how long it takes to get an erection. Pump at a medium pace, to achieve an erection quickly, but not too quickly. The release can be fast, as this is not important to the safety aspect of using a penis pump. We suggest you monitor the pressure in the pump via the pressure gauge, and maintain medium pace increments.
  2. The fast pump, and quick release - As it sounds, once you become familiar with the level of suction you can tolerate, you can quickly pump to that point, and deflate the pump, for a fast and quick engorged erection.
  3. The slow and steady pump with the slow release - Taking this approach, you're committing 10-20 minutes to work your penis into the erection.
  4. The repeater - Some guys swear by the repeated use. Basically, you use the slow pump and slow release procedure, and as the pump is releasing air back into the cylinder when it reaches the point of equalisation, you repeat the process again. Some of our customers say this process is by far the best way to have a bigger and creamier orgasm.

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Other Ways to Enjoy Your Penis Pump

You can enjoy a penis pump in lots more ways, here are some the ways you might not have considered.

  • Use a water type pump, like the Bathmate series of pumps. Using a pump in the shower or bath adds a whole new dimension - soft skin, firm erect penis.
  • Use as a nipple pump – fundamentally there is no difference between a nipple pump and a penis pump. The latter has an the advantage of being move powerful. Why not try using it on your breast, as a breast or nipple pump.
  • Use as a vagina pump – like the previous point, a penis pump can be used to engorge and draw blood into any skin area. You could place the pump over your vagina, and draw blood into your labia and vagina lips, engorging them, making them full of blood. Some women love this feeling – try it and see what you think.
  • Consult with your doctor before using a penis pump. As the aim is to draw blood to the penis, there might be medical complications in using such a device. Also, if you have any other kind of blood-related illnesses, you should consult your doctor before use.
  • Enjoy your new thick and full erection!

Want more information on penis pumps? – maybe you want to find out which penis pump is the best? Or maybe you want to find out what the top selling penis pumps in Australia are? - Our Penis Pump Buyers Guide will help cover these topics and more.


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