Beginners Guide to Male Sex Toys


Beginners Guide to Male Sex Toys

If you have ever wondered what the different kinds of male toys are, then we have you covered. Below we overview the main four categories and types of sex toys made for men - including masturbators, cock rings, love dolls and penis pumps.

male sex toys - masturbators

What are Masturbators?

Also known as strokers or pocket pussies, masturbators are a synthetic replica of either a vagina, mouth or ass, often moulded on true to life women (like famous porn stars).

Typically made from a silicone based compound, masturbators have at least one hole for entry of the penis. The surrounding sleeve is supposed to be tight, like the real thing and should fit snugly around the penis. Using a hand the man then slides the masturbator sleeve up and down on his penis, in a typical masturbation action. Masturbators are easy to clean, usually by turning them inside out, and washing with warm soapy water.

Some masturbators come with multiple holes and vibrating bullets. Available in a variety of materials and internal textures that offer differing levels of sensation and satisfaction. Masturbation sleeve sizes vary from 5cm to 30cm.

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male sex toys - cock rings

What are Cock Rings?

Cock rings have been in existence for hundreds of years. Used to enhance and maintain erections. Typically the modern kind of cock ring is stretchy and made from a silicone or rubber compound, making fitting, wearing and removing a cock ring, very easy. The are some glass cock rings available, but these are more suited the experienced user.

Cock rings vary in size from 1.5cm to 4cm and are available in both hard and soft compounds. The choice depends on your taste and the size of your cock when erect. For beginners, we recommend choosing a stretchy ring until you feel comfortable with a fixed width ring.

Many cock rings come with vibrating rings, which can enhance orgasms further. Often these models massage the shaft and the balls. Some vibrating rings are available for clitoral stimulation as well.

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male sex toys - penis pumps

What are Penis Pumps?

The basic principle of the penis pump is to cause a vacuum effect, drawing blood into the penis - engorging and enlarging it in the process. Manufacturer’s claim that with repeated use, penis length, girth and overall size will increase. They claim, like any muscle, with repeated use, and training, the penis can grow.

While the jury is still out on their claims of permanent growth, one thing is for sure, using a penis pump will draw blood into the penis. It seems larger, and certainly short term, this has been proven to be the case. With increased blood flow in the penis, sex and orgasms are also heightened. To further enhance an erection, a cock ring is placed over the penis while still engorged.

A side benefit of a penis pump is to keep the penis working after prostate surgery.

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male sex toys - love dolls

What are Love Dolls?

Love dolls are close to a full-size scale replica of the whole body. They are typically female, but male models are also available. Often they have been moulded to resemble real people, and, like the masturbators, have love holes. How people use a love doll differ’s – some people collect them purely for the company and dress them in clothes, some use them for sex.

The modern kind of love doll varies greatly in construction material, and consequently the cost. Some modern dolls are made entirely from a solid medical grade silicone and cost upwards of $10,000 – they look and feel like real life. The lower end of the price scale, available in Australia, is $10. These are manufactured from PVC, and blown up with air - obviously these are much lower quality in both looks and feel. You can use a pump or blow them up with your mouth.

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