The Comprehensive Condom Buyers Guide


Which is the Best Condom?

We love Ansells new range of Lifestyles SKYN condoms. They’re made using polyisoprene, which is safe for people with latex allergies to use. However, even if you don’t have a reaction to latex you’ll still love the ultra thin feel of this clever design. The packaging is really stylish, there’s no unpleasant smell, transfer heat well and are lightly lubricated. These are all big ticks in our book and we don’t think you’ll regret having a box (or three) of Ansell SKYN condoms handy.

The Best-Selling Condoms in Australia

Australians love practicing safe sex - and we applaud them for doing it. It’s obvious from the amount of people buying and using condoms. We are proud to offer a great range of condoms to suit all sizes and desires. Here’s a list of the four best-selling condoms in the country and we highly recommend you give them all a go.

Comparison of the Top 4

Let’s break down that information and take a closer look at Australia’s best-selling condoms and discover why they’re so popular.

Ansell Condoms

A few different brands come under the Ansell umbrella, including the very popular Lifestyles condoms and Ansell Zero. Others you might have heard of include Contempo, Chekmates and Manix. The latest Ansell condom to hit the shelves is SKYN, marketed as "the closest thing to wearing nothing". SKYN condoms are made from polyisoprene, which does not contain any latex. These are a great option for people with sensitive skin. Within this range you can choose from Original, Large, Intense Feel, Extra Lubricated and an assorted pack. The Lifestyles range includes the world’s first anti-viral condoms called Dual Protect, and the Party box which comes with 10 various condoms including studded, ribbed, flavoured and classic styles (among others).

Four Seasons Condoms

Four Seasons Condoms is a very popular brand in Australia – known for making cheap and reliable condoms. Four Seasons Naked condoms are extremely thin and very popular with people who want the sensation of skin-on-skin contact while still practicing safe sex. There are nine types of condoms in the Naked range, including Classic, Larger, Ribbed and Flavoured. There’s also the Nude range of microfine latex condoms that are only 52mm thick. As part of its regular range, you can choose from Ribbed, Tighter Fit, Larger Fit and a Flavoured selection. There’s also a Studded & Ribbed condom aimed at providing extra stimulation to women, and a fun glow in the dark range.

PlayBoy Condoms

You don’t have your products sold in 127 countries worldwide unless you know what you’re doing. Made from premium quality latex, choose from Ultra Thin, Large and Lubricated Dotted condoms for her pleasure. There isn’t a huge range of Playboy condoms to choose from, as the company has chosen to keep its focus small and targeted.

Four Seasons Condoms Collectors Tin

This is a real collector’s item, and something you can keep forever. At just 12mm thick, it’s discrete enough to carry in your pocket or handbag and you can keep refilling it even when the original condoms have been used. Each tin can hold six condoms, and it’s a great way to ensure they don’t get damaged in your wallet. The Studded & Ribbed collector’s tin comes in both pink and blue.

The Most Popular Condom Brands

The brand behind your favourite condom is very important. Some are new, some have been around for many years, others are involved with producing high quality latex goods to pharmacies and hospitals around the world.


If you buy an Ansell brand condom you can expect extremely high quality, as this is one of Australia’s largest and most well respected companies. Having been around since 1929, Ansell is also known for manufacturing protective and medical gloves. The company is very serious about upholding its strict standards, and only uses medical grade latex in all its products.

Ansell Condoms logo

Four Seasons

This Australian owned company combines a fun attitude with a strong message around safe sex. Innovation also plays a key part in the company’s success, and they were the first ones to produce the Glow n Dark range and a menthol lubricated Ice range. The company has stringent testing in place on all its condoms but doesn’t shy away from having a bit of fun and stirring up some controversy with its playful advertising.

Four Seasons Condoms logo


Based in California, the Playboy condom range launched in 2010 and has grown leaps and bounds ever since. Playboy is synonymous with sex and is one of the most well known brands around the world, having launched in 1953 at the hands of Hugh Hefner. With its successful range of condoms the company continues a tradition of bringing high quality, well-priced and innovative products to customers all over the world.

Playboy Condoms logo

The Different Types of Condom

With so many condoms to choose from, you want to make sure you’re getting one that will suit your needs. There’s nothing worse than having to interrupt a session because your condom is too tight, too small, too big, tastes weird or is causing you to have an allergic reaction.

Latex condoms


Latex condoms are the most common type of condom on the market. Latex is reliable, inexpensive and able to be manufactured in a range of different thicknesses and textures without compromising the quality of the product. Latex is a stretchy material (it can stretch up to 80o%!), which makes it ideal for large penises and it can also be coloured and flavoured for fun alternative to a regular condom. Some people suffer from a latex allergy, so it’s important to take this into account before using a condom with your partner. If you want to use lubricant, only water-based lubes can be used with latex condoms and don’t ever use anything like Vaseline or other oils because they will break down surface of the condom. If used correctly, it’s unusual for a latex condom to break but this is no guarantee. They have proven to be about 85% effective in reducing pregnancy and STDs.

Latex-Free condoms


If you or your partner suffers from a latex allergy, there are some fantastic options on the market. A latex allergy can produce a burning, itching sensation and people with severe cases might even break out in blisters and a rash. Non-latex condoms are becoming increasingly popular even with people who don’t need them for health issues. If a condom is made from either polyurethane or polyisoprene it will be free of latex. Polyurethane is a type of plastic that helps prevent STDs and lasts longer (in terms of shelf-life) than latex. Many people find these types of condoms are better at conducting heat than latex ones and because they’re thin you will get an incredibly intimate experience. Polyisoprene condoms, such as the Lifestyles SKYN range, are only new to the market but already proving popular. They’re softer and stretchier than latex with a thicker finish that makes them fit better.

Spermicide condoms

Spermicide Coated

These types of condoms have been treated with a special lubricant called spermicide, which contains a chemical called nonoxynol-9. This has been designed to to “kill” sperm and help prevent unwanted pregnancies. Be aware that spermicide does not protect against STDs, and if used frequently it can produce vaginal itching. Spermicides can be used alone in a foam or gel form, but are considered to be more effective when used in conjunction with a condom.

Female condoms

Female Condom

Lesser known, but still an excellent form of contraception, a female condom is inserted into the vagina up to 8 hours before having sex. A long pouch lines the vaginal walls and helps prevent unwanted pregnancy and STDs. It’s certainly not as streamlined as a male condom, and it might feel a bit awkward at first but stick with it. Although the female condom has proven to be slightly less effective than a male condom, it puts the power in the woman’s hands. The pouch is made of nitrile, a synthetic rubber and it features two rings at each end. The closed end keeps it safely inside the vagina and the open end stays outside the body during sex. You can also use it for anal sex. Nitrile does not contain latex, so it’s a good option for those with an allergy.

Textured condoms


Ribbed, studded, dotted and textured condoms are designed purely to make sex more enjoyable. Some condoms cleverly feature the textures on the inside of the sheath for the benefit of the wearer, however most are on the outside of the condom. It’s purely up to individual taste, and some people may not even get more pleasure from using a ribbed style condom. But you’ve got nothing to lose! We always recommend people give it a try if they want to add a bit of fun to their sex life. If your partner doesn’t like the feeling of a condom during intercourse, it can help change their mind and still allow you to practice safe sex.

Flavoured condoms


The condom itself isn’t flavoured, it’s the lube or poweder that the manufacturer applies that holds all the taste. Nowadays you can get an incredible range of flavours, including bacon and salted caramel. These sit alongside old favourites such as banana, chocolate and strawberry. The idea is to make oral sex more pleasurable. Most flavoured condoms contain glycerine, which isn’t really compatible with the sensitive skin of a woman’s vagina. It can throw her pH balance off and cause yeast infections, so we really only recommend this option for oral sex. Using a condom during oral sex can help prevent STDs.

Coloured & Glow-in-the-dark condoms

Coloured & Glow In The Dark

Glow in the Dark and coloured condoms are a fun novelty but they’re still made to match the same safety standards as regular condoms. Glow in the Dark ones are made using three layers, with latex inside and outside and a phosphorous pigment in the middle. They make a great gift for a hen’s night and can make the task of using a condom less laborious. Hold them up to the light for about 30 seconds and slip them on for hours of glowing action. Coloured condoms are also a fun novelty, and look a lot more exciting than the milky white colour of a normal latex condom. They’re a really clever ploy by manufacturers to raise awareness of safe sex and to get more people using condoms.

Things to Consider When Buying a Condom



There are a couple of things to consider before stocking up on condoms, and material is very important. Before using with a partner you should check whether they have an allergy to latex.

  • Latex - Latex is incredibly strong and can stretch up to 800 times its size. It’s reliable, durable and inexpensive so it’s the perfect material for a quality condom.
  • Latex-Free - Unfortunately, some of the proteins in latex can cause a reaction and many people suffer an allergy to it. Thankfully there are some great options available. Look for condoms made from polyurethane and polyisoprene for latex-free options.


There is a condom to suit every penis, and every man behind the penis. There are even condoms designed purely for the receiver’s pleasure. Take a look at the sorts of condoms available and see which one sounds like it might suit best. If you like the sound of more than one, why not consider buying a few packets in bulk so you always have a variety handy.

  • Ultra Thin - Yes, there’s more chance of breakage but you certainly feel more. Ultra things are designed to make it feel like you’re not wearing anything, which is a great advantage for a lot of people. Try Ansell Ultra Thin Zero or the Naked range from Four Seasons.
  • Regular - A regular condom will have a straight fit to suit most men, and come in a variety of different sizes. Playboy Regular is our pick of the bunch.


When it comes to condoms, one size doesn’t fit all. So make sure you get the right sized condom for your penis. If you’re a female it might be wise to grab a few different sizes so your partner can choose the correct one.

Finding Your Condom Size

To measure the length, you’ll need an erect penis. Grab a piece of ribbon or string and place it at the base of the shaft and pull it all the way to the tip. Mark where the tip of your penis touches and then place the ribbon or string against a ruler or measuring tape. To measure the girth, you can use ribbon or string again or even just a strip of paper. Start on the underside and wrap it around without squeezing. Measure this against a ruler or measuring tape. Now you can use those measurements to find the perfect sized condom.

Size Options

Condoms come in three different sizes. It’s an important consideration because if it’s too big it might come off during sex, or if it’s too small there’s a greater risk of breakage.

  • Ultra Large - If you’re well endowed there’s nothing worse than the choking feeling of a condom that is too small. It can be hard to concentrate on the task at hand and can even cause pain. Ansell Large, Playboy Large Size and Four Seasons Larger Fitting are regular latex condoms to suit big penises. If you’re after something in the ultra thin style then try Ansell SKYN Large or Four Seasons Naked Larger.
  • Regular - A standard sized condom in Australia is 52mm long. Most men will find this to be a comfortable fit. We recommend starting off with a regular condom and if you find it uncomfortable or it’s slipping off then you should look at trying a different size.
  • Short & Thin - Many men are ashamed at having to buy a smaller sized condom, but it’s absolutely nothing to be worried about. The great thing about shopping online is that you can buy the correct size without worrying about grabbing the first packet you see. If you’ve been using the wrong size condom and finally invest in a short option you will notice the difference straight away. Ansell Closer Fit and Naked Closer condoms are both 49mm and a great choice.

Lubricant Clash

Water-based lubricants and silicone-based lubricants are both completely safe to use with condoms and can really enhance the pleasure. They’ll make the condom feel slippery and a lot more natural, and you can easily re-apply during intercourse. It also means less friction and less chance of breakage. If you’re planning to apply a lubricant, you should wait until you’ve got the condom on properly and then rub it over your penis and also inside your partner’s vagina or anus. Our tip is to put a few drops of lube inside the condom before slipping it on. The most important thing to remember is that latex is NOT compatible with an oil-based lubricant. It will break down the surface of the condom and cause breakage. Never use oily substances like Vaseline, petroleum jelly, cooking oil, butter, hand cream or body moisturiser.

Ease of Use

Nothing can spoil the moment more than having to stop and fiddle around with a condom. Make sure the condom you are taking on that date is one you’re familiar with and have used before. The best way to quickly access the condom is to open one at home, try it on and make sure you are capable of putting it on quickly. It can take some practice but it’s worthwhile. If you plan on doing some practicing then we suggest buying a bulk pack of condoms so you don’t have to worry about using them all up in rehearsal. You can do all this behind closed doors, and a bit of fumbling around in private will all be worthwhile when you can confidently and quickly slip on a condom in the heat of the moment.

Trusting a condom can come down to choosing a brand you know!

Trusted Brands

We have chosen three reputable brands who are continually producing new and exciting condoms without sacrificing safety and quality of materials. When you buy from Ansell, Four Seasons or Playboy you can be assured each condom has been through a series of stringent safety tests and meets the high standards expected of both the company and the consumer.


When it comes to condoms, buying in bulk is always cheaper. However, if you’re buying a new brand or type of condom that you’ve never tried before, we suggest starting off with a smaller pack and then coming back to buy in bulk later. That way you’re not wasting money on something that doesn’t feel right, is the wrong size or was more of a novelty and not something you want to use in your regular rotation. Condoms are an inexpensive way of practicing safe sex, and we are proud to offer a competitive price range on our site.

does price of condoms and sexual protection really factor? - the answer is, yes, absolutely!


You should now be armed with enough information to go and buy the perfect condom. In fact, why not use all the information you’ve learned and try out a few different types of condoms to see which one you like best. Latex, latex-free and ribbed are three great options to start with. See what you like then come back and buy in bulk to save money (and the risk of running out at an inopportune time!)


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