Beginners Guide to Sex Toys


There are thousands of different sex toys on the market, and selecting the right one to purchase can be a very tedious, and time-consuming process. We try to break down the selection process for you, to make buying the perfect sex toy a much easier proposition.

Take a look at our category and section overviews listed below. Hopefully, these will help point you in the right direction on choosing the right toy.

Various vibrator types

What are Vibrators?

Personal vibrators come in many shapes and have a broad range of functions. The one thing they all have in common is that they vibrate and are designed to make orgasms bigger, better, stronger and longer.

The vibrator is normally either inserted into the vagina or anus or placed upon the clitoris. Using the controls, the user can then vary the vibration speed, or pattern of vibration to best bring on an orgasm.

Usually a vibrator will have between one and three motors, and have multi-speed, multi-function settings. Often vibrators will be designed with a particular stimulation point in mind, like a g-spot vibrator, a clitoral vibrator, or a dual stimulator (which stimulates both g-spot and clitoris).

On the FRISKY website you will find vibrators scattered throughout some of the other sections in our website – we try to place toys in their most appropriate category. For example, a vibrating prostate stimulator will be placed in the anal toys category. We reserve the vibrators section for standard kinds of vibrator – g-spot, rabbit, clitoral, and so on. The vibrators in this category on our website are unisex.

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Male sex toys

What are Male Sex Toys?

Male sex toys commonly fit into one of five main categories – cock rings, masturbators, love dolls, penis pumps or prostate massagers (listed in the anal toys category). Cock rings are designed to fit on the penis and/or balls, and increase the intensity and duration of the male orgasm. Made from stretchy rubber, jelly or silicone compounds, they can be static, or vibrate.

Masturbators are usually made from silicone compounds, and shaped into the fashion of a mouth, anus or vagina. The Fleshlight range of products is a good example. These can also be static, non-vibrating, but also often have insertable vibrating bullets to increase orgasms.

Love dolls, well, these pretty much describe themselves – inflatable female or male companions, which have love holes. Usually, the dolls are made from PVC, with silicone compounds used in the love holes.

Penis pumps are available in a broad price, function, and consequently quality, range. Cheaper penis pumps price around $10, top end ones cost $400+. The function and longevity go hand in hand with price. Used to increase blood flow and engorge the penis with blood, increase sensations, and they also claim to increase penis length if used over some time.

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Silicone dildos

What are Dildos & Strap-on's?

Dildos are phallic shaped penis like objects, usually made from a firm jelly, silicone or similar compound. Often moulded from a real penis the dildo can be used as is, or in conjunction with a strap-on harness. Dildos invariably have a flared base, and sometimes have a suction cup base. They vary considerably in length and width, from 5cm to 50cm. Often dildo’s are a static, non-vibrating sex toy, but some do have vibrating bullets to add that bit more.

Strap-ons are a sub-set of dildos – essentially a strap-on is a dildo in a harness. The harness is worn by one person and used to stimulate a second person during sex. The most common strap-on harness is a waist type harness, worn on the waist and pelvis. A strap-on can also describe a leg, foot, arm or even face type harnessed dildo. Typically strap-ons will come with an adjustable harness, which allows changing of the length and width of the straps to fit, and also allows changing of the dildo in the harness.

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Butt plugs

What are Anal Toys?

Anal toys consist of three main categories – butt plugs, anal beads and prostate stimulators. There are some other kinds of anal toys, but these are the main three.

Butt plugs are as the name suggests a tapered plug, which fits into the anus. It is important only to use anal specific toys for anal play, as they are all designed with flared or T bases to prevent the toy being lost inside the anus. Commonly made from silicone compounds, Butt Plugs are firm, flexible and feel great to the touch. Available in a broad range of sizes, from small beginner, 1cm wide, to a 30cm wide, advanced only, butt plug.

Anal beads are a row of balls, varying in quantity and size, positioned on a string. The beads are designed to insert into the anal cavity and be slowly removed one by one from the anus, creating a pleasurable feeling upon removal. Commonly made from a firm PVC or plastic.

Prostate stimulators are usually slightly larger vibrating toys that are sculpted, more than a G-Spot vibrator. The curve allows greater control and pressure when positioning to massage the prostate gland. Access to the prostate is easiest through the anus on a man. Any guy who has tried it will attest, placing a vibrator on the prostate will make orgasms more rewarding and memorable.

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