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Why not explore Your Sexuality without Looking at it Through the Media and Society’s Glasses?!

Abs-WorkoutThere are many mainstream ideas about sex that are very inhibiting and to be honest not healthy. Everyone has the right to enjoy sex as they see fit, so long as it is done in a respectable manner with the other partner.

After spending several decades listening to acquaintances, colleagues and friends, I have drawn certain inferences which are:

– Ageing has nothing to do with our sexual behaviour, sexual attractiveness and sexual desire. – A large majority of us don’t fit into the female or male beauty standards portrayed by the media nowadays. – A large majority of us don’t feel confident about our sexuality and our bodies. – Marriage doesn’t have to result in loss of sexual passion, sexual excitement and sexual desire.

Many people discover the underlying sexual passion in their lives in long-term relationships such as marriage or sometimes during the later stages of their lives by entering into new and exciting relationships. You’ll be surprised to know that a large majority of married couples enjoy pleasurable and passionate sex with one partner, well into the later stages of their lives.

Sexuality is something which isn’t separate from our day-to-day life. It has a lot to do with how we think, what we feel in our heart and what kind of sensations we experience in our bodies. In a way, our sexuality is an extension of our true identities.

Unlike how it is often portrayed by the media, sexuality doesn’t appear for the first time during adolescence, adulthood or puberty stages of one’s life. Our sexuality is well ingrained in all parts of our existence right from the time we are conceived, as early as we start taking shape in our mother’s wombs, and it stays with us until we give up our bodies. In fact, male foetuses can actually have erections in their mothers’ wombs, while female foetuses’ vaginas can get lubricated in sleep.

If we were to only follow what is being taught by sensationalist men’s and women’s magazines, we would be led to believe that the only possible way to reach a woman or man’s heart is by improving one’s sexual skills and prowess. What more, there are even lengthy courses available to teach all sorts of techniques guaranteed to drive your partner wild in bed.

You’ll rarely find any form of media focusing on the shame and shyness felt by many people while trying to connect with their potential sexual partners. All these mediums rarely talk about fear of insecurity, fear of isolation, sexual problems and fear of rejection often experienced by people in their most intimate relationships.

There is hardly any media which provides support for loving, kind, sensitive forms of sexuality, based upon the trust of an individual on his/her body’s natural reactions, focusing on the need of intimate understanding of his/her partner for longer periods of time. Something which is almost accepted as a fact by many people nowadays is that the highest sexual passion and desire can be only felt during the early, exploratory and tentative days of relationships.

Honestly speaking, if we all were to start believing that making long-term commitments automatically translates into death of our sexuality, we are all heading for doom. They’ll be no way that we’ll be able to joyfully enter into lifelong death sentences with partners of our choices.

It is high time that we awaken to our true sexuality and explore it without getting bogged down by what are the commonly held perceptions of media and people in general.

So whether you enjoy plain missionary style or prefer to romp it up, remember there is no right or wrong way. If you are looking for a little inspiration to spice things up we have a great selection of books - click this link to view what we have on offer.

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