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Why Do Men Use Sex Toys?

There are a multitude of reasons why men use sex toys. In fact the term "sex toy" may even be misleading as a good toy and some creative use can lead to more intimate relationships, while some toys can even have therapeutic medical benefits. Even without these added benefits, sex toys are fun and make sex incredibly hot! Therapeutic Benefits: Claiming that a sex toy has therapeutic benefits may seem like a stand by excuse to some "I swear it's for medical use!" in some cases, it may actually be true. For men with erectile dysfunction toys like a cock ring can help maintain a firmer erection for longer, and can help delay premature ejaculation. No more thinking of grandma in her undies to hold off, just slip on a cock ring before sex, and concentrate on the good stuff.

For men that want to add some extra length and girth to their member a penis pump is an inexpensive and effective alternative to invasive surgery, or potentially dangerous pills. Simple to use, and with proven results, more and more men are stocking their bedside drawers with this handy tool.

Adding Intimacy: A sex toy used creatively in bed with a partner can increase intimacy dramatically. Try incorporating a feather tickler and some cuffs, or try wearing a strap-on that lets her experience some double penetration without having to add a third partner.

Masturbation: Advanced well beyond the means of the palm of the hand, masturbation can be taken to a whole new level with a sex toy. Strokers designed to mimic oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse are a fun and convenient way to get off, plus their small size makes them easy and discreet to pack away. A completely different type of toy, a prostate massager, works inserted into the anus and stimulates the ultra sensitive prostate gland. These popular toys deliver an incredibly intense orgasm and are a unique way to add to the masturbatory experience.

To Spice it Up: Adding a sex toy to the bedroom can spice up a love life that has started to seem dull and routine. Adding a vibrator for him or her is always fun, and accessories like bondage gear are an easy way to add some kink. Toys that are designed to give both him and her pleasure at once like the cock ring, are popular additions to the bedroom and can make a relationship feel new again.

An excuse is never necessary to use a sex toy. Men use them for any of the reasons listed above, plus probably a million others that they've invented over the years, but also just because they feel good.

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