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Who Uses Male Sex Toys? - What kind of man uses them?

Traditionally thought of as a market primarily for women, adult toy makers have started to appreciate the value in marketing to men. Straight men and gay men alike, whether in a relationship, or looking for something to fill the void, there's a toy for almost every taste and desire. So who typically uses male sex toys? It may be surprising, but nowadays it could be anyone. The guy next door, the mailman, the doctor, the prime minister; every one of them could have a secret stash of sex toys, and it would be perfectly normal and acceptable.

The value in sex toys is almost infinite. They can enhance a couple's intimacy during playtime together, or they can help a guy get off when he's all alone. Some toys will work to enhance a man's favourite member, while others help with positioning and special, kinky moves.

  • Single or in a relationship; many guys have a sex toy just for their own personal use. Some are strokers that mimic a mouth, vagina or anus, (special models are available that replicate a males anus or mouth), while some even vibrate. Others are insertable probes that stimulate the prostate and produce an intense orgasm. After years of only the hand for masturbating, adding some toys in to the routine can make for a fun and diverse experience.
  • Many couples have find that adding sex toys to their lovemaking really takes it to a new and intimate level. Toys like cock rings that enhance the look and feel of a males erection, add pleasure to his female partner by buzzing against her clitoris with each thrust. Many couples also enjoy playing with the a hollow strap on, adding some extra length and girth to their thrust.
  • Male sex toys for men are hugely popular in the BDSM category. Incorporating toys into play is a great way for men to lose themselves in a fantasy safely. Whether it's a paddle to be used in his hand or on his cheeks, toys are a great way to safely enhance any role-playing scene, and can make the difference between the dreary and the incredible.
  • For guys into the fetish scene there's nothing like a few toys. In fact, fetishes like electro stimulation would be downright dangerous without the proper sex toys. No guy should be strapping something around his testicles using a do-it-yourself contraption. So it makes sense to use professionally made adult sex toys.

So who uses male sex toys? It could be anyone. Gay or straight, single or in a committed relationship; for every taste and desire there's generally a sex toy out there that can make it better.

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