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Who Uses a Female Sex Toy? - What women do?

You'd never know it, but according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, one in two women own a vibrator. So who uses a sex toy? It could be almost anyone. There's no boundaries for sex toys, they don't discriminate, and both straight and gay women, old and young, use sex toys. Healthy and Satisfied Women

For those that play with a sex toy they get to enjoy the many benefits that they offer, not least of these being better and more frequent orgasms. They are also more likely to report having a deeply intimate relationship with their partner and an extremely satisfying sex life. Not only are these women experiencing better orgasms, but women who play with sex toys are more likely to have a healthier vagina. One recent study found that women who use a sex toy are more likely to visit a gynecologist and perform self-examinations.

Women Who Like to Masturbate

Gone are the days where women deny ever touching themselves, and thank goodness. Masturbating can be a fun experience, but it can also be helpful. Women unable to reach a climax with a partner are encouraged to practice by themselves, and masturbating with a female sex toy like a vibrator can make a huge difference. It's a great way to discover what kind of touch turns them on, and practice has never been so much fun. Of course there are also those women that masturbate just for the pure pleasure, and there's lots of that to be found with various nipple clamps, dildo's, beads, and plugs.

Sexually Adventurous Women

While sex is a lot of fun on its own, adding a sex toy can really spice it up. Letting him take a turn to control the vibrator can be a huge turn on, and it can even be pleasurable for him run over his testicles. For those more adventurous a wide range of fetish and BDSM gear lets any women explore their own Fifty Shades fantasies.

Girl-on-Girl Sex

Having sex with another woman is an incredibly hot experience, and most women don't need any help to enjoy each other's bodies, but none the less adding a sex toy to the encounter can add a new and super sexy element. Strap-on toys allow one women to penetrate another with a dildo, and can allow for various positions where women can make love face to face, or even doggy style. Other toys without harnesses, like double ended dildo's allow both women to enjoy penetration at the same time, but offer somewhat less control.

So who uses female sex toys? Almost everyone and it could be anyone you know. With roughly half the female population using a sex toy just look for all the women who are smiling.




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