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Where Do Men Usually Use Sex Toys?

Thanks to exciting new designs and materials, men's sex toys are more fun and easier to use than ever. Not only are men treated to fun colours and kinky new forms, but smooth and realistic materials plus new technologies mean that a lot of sex toys are finding their way out of the bedroom and in to some unusual spots.

The Water: It may not seem like quite a stretch to use a toy in the shower, after all it's been a favourite spot for men to masturbate in since showers were invented. The easy clean up is convenient, after all no one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning out a toy after they have just climaxed. Toy manufacturers have taken advantage of this natural inclination to masturbate in the shower and provided many toys with waterproof technology. Toys like vibrating prostate probes can be a lot of fun in the bath or shower, and slipping a cock ring over the base of the penis to enjoy while masturbating or while making love can make time in the hot tub a lot hotter.

Any Flat Surface: For men who enjoy probes, plugs, or dildos, a handy suction cup at the bottom means that any flat surface can become a fun place to stick a toy and let loose. A kitchen chair, a flat headboard, or the tiled shower wall all make perfect spots to stick a suction cup toy. Just ensure that the surface is flat and clean and use some water to stick the suction cup securely to the surface as an imperfect seal could send both the toy and you flying.

Out in Public: The quality materials and innovative designs of toys like anal beads and butt plugs mean that extended wear is possible, so taking a toy out for a spin in public is easier than ever. Flexible and inherently hypoallergenic materials like silicone result in a comfortable feeling, adapting instinctively to the male anatomy. It feels extra kinky to wear a toy out in public with no one having any idea. So if that overbearing and grumpy boss suddenly has a smile on his face for the afternoon, it might mean he's enjoying the filling sensation of a large plug in his rear.

Away from Home: The compact nature of toys like strokers, or masturbators, means that they are the ideal toy for travel. A favourite stand-by of businessmen, a stroker can pack away easily in luggage and normally won't require any power adapters or batteries. Some women have even been known to sneak a fun stroker into their partner's luggage before a trip so they won't be tempted to stray while away.




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