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When Do Women Mostly Use Sex Toys?

Thanks to the discreet and convenient packaging of many sex toys women can use them at any moment the mood strikes…within reason we hope! Other toys are made with innovative technology and features that make them able to play in new environments, while some remain as good as the day they were created, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

So when do women use sex toys? It depends on the toy, there's the traditional time to use a sex toy - in bed, but many women are taking their private sexual time to new and fun levels. Waking up

While it's almost mandatory for men to masturbate first thing in the morning thanks to that quirk of nature "morning wood", it can be a great way for women to start the day as well. For a fun way to wake up a vibrating alarm clock like the Wake-Up Vibe is a fun way to start the morning. Program to your desired wake up time and choose a vibration setting, then slip the lay-on vibe into your panties for an extra sunny morning.

 In the Water

Cell phones and cameras come in waterproof versions, so it shouldn't be a surprise that sex toys do too. Women have been quick to take advantage of this, bringing their vibes along with them into the shower, bath, and hot tub. This also makes it easy to take a sex toy away on vacation and make some late night beach sex extra kinky.

During an Overnighter

Sex toys are a fun way to add some extra excitement to a sexual encounter, but sex doesn't always happen at home and next to your supply of sex toys. That's why small sized vibes were invented. Thanks to bullet vibes that are easy to pack into a purse you can play with a sex toy while staying overnight at your boyfriends, or be prepared for that one night stand. Some small sized vibrators like the Touche Majesty Silver hang off a necklace and are so discreet no one will ever know that a vibrator is hanging around your neck.

While Doing Groceries

Thanks to toys like kegel balls or eggs, it's possible that the woman checking how ripe the cantaloupe are is getting a good pelvic workout at the same time. Easy to use, and highly efficient, kegel exercisers like the Luna Beads from LELO are so subtle that no one will ever know. They can be worn to work, while exercising, or watching TV, and will exercise the pelvic muscles for a tighter feeling vagina. As an added benefit, they also feel incredible, so keep watching that woman in the grocery store, and see if she starts to moan.




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