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When a Favourite Position Stops Working

libidoAs life progresses and changes, so do tastes and preferences in the bedroom, and what once worked and felt amazing, may not feel so intense after all this time. It may be a sign of a love life wavering, or one that simply needs a bit of spice put back between the sheets, or sometimes it's just a sign of bones, (no pun intended), getting older and bodies needing additional support.

Among the many options out there are intricate swings and apparatus meant more for a dominatrix's dungeon then a couple's bedroom, and that is perhaps best left to another article, though some swings are easy to set up and take down, and some can even be placed over doors.

A more realistic option for many couples is a supportive pillow or cushion to prevent tired limbs and aching joints. Standard pillows are rarely firm enough, and can take several stacked together to accomplish something viable. A better option is to use a cushion designed for the bedroom like the Liberator line of position enhancers - Click Here

Small Sized Help

If a little boost is needed in the bedroom, a smaller sized Wedge {Click Here } can help. With a slight angle and a small raise at one end, the Wedge can help lovers take advantage of a little extra height. It's especially good for use during oral sex and can keep necks from getting sore and cutting the fun short. Plus the added bit of angled height allows for better Products like the Wedge give a bit of extra lift without too much height, and are easy to store away in the closet or under the bed when not in use.

An extra boost

When a bit more leverage is needed a product like Liberator's Ramp {Click Here}, can give added height to rest legs, backs, and elbows. With its extra height the Ramp makes a great accessory for doggie style sex with her bent over the raised end. This allows for greater penetration, and takes the strain off leaning on hands or elbows.

Using a cushion like the Wedge or Ramp can enhance those same old positions that used to be a favourite. They can breathe new life into what has become routine, and will make finding new positions to both enjoy a lot of fun. When looking for a positioner search for something that has a supportive inner core so it won't collapse while using it, and a removable cover in order to keep it clean and sanitary. Some models can even be found with fun little extras, like Liberators Black Label line that comes with handcuffs attached to each side.

Don't give up on those old favourite positions. Perhaps all that is needed is a bit more comfort and extra support. With a position enhancing pillow or cushion it is easy to perform favourite positions without strain and discomfort, and with some extra fun too.

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