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What To Do When Intercourse Alone Isn't Enough?

futuresexIt's a problem faced by many women; they enjoy intercourse with their partner, but just can't seem to get to the special place that makes them lose all control. Adding clitoral stimulation is the obvious answer, but this can be awkward to accomplish with moving bodies. Holding a toy in hand during the act may feel clumsy and unwieldy, and can certainly take away from the moment, but the right one will feel natural and won't take any effort.

Try a Toy Made For Couples

Many toys on the market are made to be enjoyed together as well as alone. They can improve intimacy, make sex more electric, and be a lot of fun. Toys like the We-Vibe are gaining in popularity with couples because of how easy they are to use, and how much better they can make sex. With an innovative U shape, the We-Vibe fits inside the vagina with a super slim shaft and extends to rest against the clitoris. The slim interior shaft leaves plenty of room for a partner to fit inside and means that once turned on both partners will be able to benefit from the powerful vibrations. Sex can carry on with the same positions as before, only this time it there will be added stimulation both externally and internally.

Get Him to Wear Something Special

By getting him to wear a toy he'll feel involved and part of the solution, not the problem. It's most likely not his fault that orgasm is elusive; it's a common problem for women, but he can help find an answer to the problem. By wearing a vibrating cock ring over his penis he can provide additional stimulation without making an extra effort, as every thrust he makes will bring that vibrating ring in contact with the super sensitive clitoris, making orgasm easier to achieve. Try a simple ring like the Wonderland C-Ring: The White Wabbit or try something that will tickle his balls while doing the same to the clit with something like the OptiMALE Vibrating Double C Ring {Click here}

Add something discreet

When adding a toy to any love making activities be sure it is quiet and discreet. A sudden loud buzzing like a jackhammer is the last thing you want to add to your sex life, and an oversized vibe that is difficult to hold on to won't do it either. If a cock ring or wearable vibe isn't right then make sure that the vibe chosen is easy to operate and change settings, and can be held easily.

Don't despair if intercourse alone isn't leading to multiple orgasms, or even just one. All that's needed is a little help, the kind that many women are already enjoying. The solution can be as simple as adding a wearable vibrator while having sex, or having him don a vibrating cock ring. No matter the solution just make sure that whatever is added is quiet and discreet, so the attention remains where it should be.

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