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What is a Prostate Stimulator?

A prostate stimulator is an easy to use male sex toy that can produce incredibly intense orgasms. It works to stimulate and massage the extremely sensitive prostate gland in a process often called prostate milking. Though it's possible to massage someone else's prostate with a finger, using a finger on one's self is near impossible. A prostate stimulator makes easy work of the job, with designs to specifically target the prostate and innovative materials and technologies. The prostate gland is highly receptive to sensation and is sometimes called the male G-spot. It is an important and essential part of the sexual response cycle, secreting the majority of the fluid that makes up semen, and helping with ejaculation through use of its smooth muscles. It's about the size of a walnut and located on the anterior rectal wall. It can be stimulated via the perineum, the area between the anus and testicles, but is more effectively massaged directly through the rectum.

There are several varieties of prostate stimulators, with different materials, technologies and forms.

  • Some prostate stimulators are simple like the NS Novelties Jollipops Smooth with its smooth and slimly curving shaft, knobbed end and large base. The slim shaft is best for beginners, and especially for men who are nervous about inserting toy in to their anus.
  • For men looking for prostate stimulation together with added anal play a beaded prostate stimulator like Rascal's The Initiator will massage the prostate and add some extra oomph to the experience. Best of all The Initiator pack comes with three sizes of stimulators, so a guy can work his way up in size, and always have a choice.
  • Adding some vibrations to a prostate massage can make a huge impact. Try a model like Anal Fantasy Collections Vibrating Prostate Massager. It not only vibrates against the prostate, but massages the perineum at the same time. Some models are waterproof too, making shower time extra invigorating.
  • Toys like The Clencher from Rascal combine a cock ring with a prostate stimulator. A flexible ring fits around the base of the penis and connects to a curved stimulator that inserts inside the rectum. It makes it possible to massage the prostate during intercourse or during masturbation. The benefit of a toy like this is that it adds penile stimulation to the equation, a necessary component for many men to orgasm with prostate stimulators.
  • Prostate massagers are made of many different materials, with the most common ones being silicone and TPE. Both are hypoallergenic and flexible for comfortable use. Firmer toys made from glass and stainless steel are also available, but are best left until one is familiar with prostate massage.
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