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What is a Masturbator/Stroker?

Men may be experts in masturbation, but that doesn't mean they know all there is to know about getting off solo. In fact, one of the best-kept secrets in the world of sex toys is the male masturbator. Designed to do a much better job than the hand, a masturbator can have many surprise benefits.

Most masturbators contain a hollow channel lined with special textures and grooves to enhance each stroke, and many have a hole at both ends that can be covered for adjustable suction. Types of Masturbators

  • Strokers are given their name from the stroking motion associated with this small, hand held device. Many are manual, though some vibrate for added sensation. Most will have a textured exterior to maintain an easy grip, and some will be reversible. Strokers tend to be either anatomically correct with an opening that mimics a mouth, vagina, or anus, or non-anatomically correct, which can be easier for first time users or those looking for something extra discreet.
  • Torsos contain all the fun bits such as a vagina, and anus, with some even adding in full breasts. These masturbators tend to be more expensive and are made of high quality, lifelike materials. A torso allows for a more hands free approach and is best for those looking to get lost in a fantasy or desiring a more realistic experience.

Benefits of Masturbators

  • It is a definite break from routine to masturbate with a stroker instead of the palm of the hand. Use lots of lubrication and take some time to get used to the new sensation of something rubbing against the penis.
  • Using a masturbator consistently can build up sexual stamina. Most strokers are designed to be tight fitting, and men often find that climax happens fairly fast when using one for the first time. With practice climax can be held off, a skill that translates into sex with a partner.
  • Sharing a stroker is a fun way to spice up foreplay. Give her a clear stroker and she'll give the best hand job of her life with every movement visible.
  • They are easy to clean by running some hot water and soap through them, and most models don't have any motors in them so using them in the shower is as natural as…….well masturbating.
  • The relatively inexpensive price of strokers makes it easy to experiment with a variety of different textures and surfaces.

With all the benefits of masturbators, it is no wonder that they are one of the best selling male sex toys. No matter how good a man is at masturbating, and we assume that after all that practice every guy is a certified expert, there's always a better way to get off.




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