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Waking up a Whole New Way with the Wake-Up Vibe Set

cv-1837870002Imagine waking up with a smile, every day, no matter what the lies ahead. According to the developers at Concepts of Love, makers of the Wake-up Vibe Purple Set, it's not only possible, but it's also becoming an extremely popular toy and alternative to the traditional alarm clock for many European women, with sales expanding throughout Australia in recent years.

A Clever Concept

This innovative product combines two things that Concepts of Love is betting women won't be able to resist: an enjoyable way to start the day, and a fun and discreet toy for any other time she wants stimulation. At first thought the amalgamation of vibrator and alarm clock might seem like a strange arrangement, but after some thought it begins to make sense; it only takes a small amount of technology to add a clock and timer to a toy that is already packed full of high-end technology.

The alarm works in a fashion similar to most standard alarm clocks, just set the desired Wake-Up time as well as the mode of alarm, but instead of leaving this alarm on the bedside table it gets placed up against the clitoris, held in place by the wearers own panties. At the wanted time the egg shaped Wake-Up Vibe will start to vibrate with the pre-chosen pattern of stimulation. It is a good guess that not many women end up pressing the snooze button when they wake up to the Wake-Up Vibe.

With the set there are multiple plugs for worldwide use, plus a satin storage bag for storage, and a matching blindfold to help block out the sun during sleep, or to add a little extra kink when this alarm is used at any other point in the day as a regular vibrator. Fully rechargeable, this vibrator will not be running through batteries, and can charge up during the day after waking up its lucky wearer each morning.

When taking a vacation to another part of the world the set makes it easy to start the day out the same as at home, and with the satin storage pouch is easy to pack away. The group at Concepts of Love are hoping the versatility of the full set will help drive sales, and so far it's been working, with sales across the Australian market and across Europe booming. Women love their vibrators, and waking up to an orgasm is a sure fire way to start the day with a smile. Perhaps the perfect gift for a lover that claims not to be a morning person, the team at Concepts of Love are convinced that this amazing toy is how every woman should start her day.

One has to wonder if perhaps a personal alarm clock for men will be next from this innovative company. Or would waking up to an orgasm just put men back to sleep?

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