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Vibrators: What you always wanted to know but never had the courage to ask

BMS Swan Vibrators BMS Swan Vibrators

I could say that this is one of the side effects of a midlife crisis that overtook me a few years before it should have, but I would be lying. The truth is that the idea of buying a holiday-erotic-toy vibrator/dildo/ has been in my head for years. However, as it is in one's nature to procrastinate, I've been letting it go for years by boycotting my desire to experiment with the unknown based on picturesque excuses. What If my mother were to find it in my nightstand drawer during my years of living with my parents. Or my husband going into shock when finding out he has been replaced by a "friend" made from silicone. Imagine a delivery man ringing my doorbell with a mischievous grin and a "look what I brought you, you little imp" in his eyes. Half of my co-workers yelling "surprise!" from behind a bookshelf on my foray into the only village sex shop in the smallish town where I live. But that thought process is finished! I can pretend that I’m a fool, but I'm not a prude. After so many long hours of chatting with group threads and Women and Mothers Magazines, I have come to the conclusion that it is inescapable and imminent; I have to get myself a sex toy!

What? Do you mean this happened to you too? So, you want one too but are as lost on the subject as I am? Then keep reading because I'm going to save you some time and effort sharing everything you need to know and never dared to ask about the sex toys preferred by women in general.

Although some experts recently intended to dismantle this theory, the truth is that the most widespread opinion around is that there are two types of orgasms: vaginal and clitoral. So the first thing you should ask yourself is whether you are the kind of girl who can reach her climax on the basis of clitoral stimulation. (Between 50 and 75 percent of women prefer clitoral orgasm), or maybe your thing is vaginal penetration. (Between 25 and 50%). Depending on your answers, you should choose a sex toy that causes external or internal stimulation.

But, if you are one of those "gimme’ all the love" kind of gal, no need to worry, because there are devices that work on your clitoris as well as the elusive G-spot and you will reach third generation orgasms.

Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Size Does Matter

Yes! The size matters but so does the colour, the shape, and the feel. Your relationship will be intimate, close and possibly long-lasting, so "fall in love" with your new best friend forever. Take your time and make sure you choose the best option because not all sex toys are created equal:

  • • Size: It’s clear that our bodies are not equal nor do we like the same experiences, so if your thing is penetration, figure out what girth is more suitable for you. Find out what size makes you feel comfortable. It is also important to know what kind of use you'll be giving it. Enjoying a toy in your bedroom is completely different to wanting a toy to put in your purse and take on vacation.
  • • Design: Now not only do I use that term in a way that the shape of the device may suit you better than another one... I take this a step further. Because a vibrator, to some extent, is like a car and its bodywork . It doesn’t affect the way the car works, but the design makes you fall in love with it even more.
  • • Material: Silicone, latex, gelatin, PVC. The options are varied, and it’s safe to say that any product that has passed all health checks is made from a suitable material, except for specific allergies. So make sure how it feels and choose the one that inspires you the most.
  • • Decibels: It seems anecdotal, but being silent is one of the fundamental characteristics when choosing a vibrator because this will predicate how discrete one will have to be when using it.

Lelo Ova Lelo Ova

Is three considered a crowd?

According to a survey conducted by Sex Place, one of the most important erotic companies out there, 65 percent of sex toys are enjoyed by couples. It is also true that lubricants are included in the category as a "sex toy"... but what about other devices such as vibrators, dildos, or beads? Would they be used in private by yourself or will they become a more or less regular third party in your relationships.

I suppose that in this aspect, as in many other matters in the bedroom, it’s one thing to have an idea of what we’re going to do and quite another what actually ends up happening. I don’t see myself sharing my bed with "my guy" and also a silent guest, but you never know what’s going to happen! In any case, if you are one of those people who think that a couple who plays together stays together and does not intend to enjoy your little wonder machine by yourself, you might find that one of the most popular vibrators on the market is the ‘We-Vibe4’. T his then leads us to think that if they have reviewed and improved on it four times it’s because it gets more and more successful every time. A gadget that you can use during intercourse to satisfy your needs thanks to the vibrations both on the clitoris and on the inside of your vagina.

we-vibe usage we-vibe usage

The benefits of using sex toys

  • • Thunder and lightning. Fireworks in vivid colours. Are any more explanations needed? Any method that allows you to reach an orgasm must be, in itself, beneficial.
  • • They help us to know our body and to explore our sexuality. Knowing what you like and how you like it is vital to a joyful sex life.
  • • They free us from the bonds of intercourse and orgasms, teaching us individualized practices that can train our entire body to the feeling of pleasure.
  • • As a consensus, it improves our relationship, as it facilitates communication, helps us to overcome taboos and limits, and it also helps us break away from routine.

Chandler Bing - Really? Chandler Bing - Really?

Technology at the service of eroticism

You will have to forgive me but when I find the words "intuitive interface" and vibrator in the same sentence, it at the very least disturbs me. But to speak of vibrators, dildos, and all kinds of electronic sex toys is almost like talking tech. So when you’re talking about sex toys now, it’s common to find many of these terms that you should probably brush up on.

Even though I’ve been searching, I've not yet managed to go deep enough into the rabbit hole to see the value in some of these features such as remote control and even mp3. Music functions that some of these devices have. Moreover, batteries have already become prehistoric when you think about how there are devices that can be recharged by connecting to any electronic device through a USB port. "Honey, I'm going to disconnect your phone from your PC, I need to charge my vibrator."

lelo femme lelo femme

When you know, you know

Face it, you're a small fish in a big pond, so you have two options. You either google the information and trust you’ve made the correct choice, or you swallow your pride and you turn to the advice of an expert. We all have a friend who knows about these kinds of subjects. Even if you think otherwise, ask and you’ll find out that some of your friends, sisters, cousins, fellow office mates will have some informtion they can pass on to you. Seek advice from a specialized store clerk who, incidentally, knows about the features, size, and performance of the product firsthand. In cases like this you need to see, touch, and feel to believe.

eye gawking eye gawking

Show me the money

I'm not going to lie to you; there are vibrators on the market that sell for only a few dollars. If your budget is limited I advise you, straight up, don’t search any further, do not keep looking, just choose a colour, buy it and go crazy!. Because if you’re like me, dig a little deeper and get ready to lighten your wallet. A good toy will cost you more than $100. But let’s be realistic, if you're a nerd, a geek for new technology, or just need heaps of pleasure, what you need is a Llelo Soraya and it will cost you but it will last.

lelo soraya lelo soraya

Take it easy

It's not a proven theory, but I guess sex toy makers in charge of naming them were brought up in the same school as those who get to name police stings. It may have gone unnoticed, but I've already mentioned the ‘We-Vibe4’ and the ‘Soraya’, but it seems the more glamorous in appearance, a more refined name is applied. Alia, Ora, Ina, are just a few of the names that bring out the worst in me. If I had to name them they would probably sound ridiculous, so thank the heavens that I don’t name your vibrators.

Then there are those who kill your innocence by instilling in your brain more than questionable associations that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Will I ever be able to take my child’s stuffed bunny in my arms without thinking about the rabbit vibrators, which, by the way, are the number one selling vibrator in the world.

vibrating animals vibrating animals

At this point, looking at all of this variety, presentations, benefits and the price of erotic toys these days, I think I chose the wrong profession. I should have devoted my career to testing these devices. What? That job does not exist? Want to bet?

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