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Vaginal Orgasms are for Real and You Can Get Them too!

shutterstock-sex-coupleThose of you who think that vaginal orgasms are only limited to those sleazy novels, you are missing out on something very profound. Vaginal orgasms are not at all a myth. You may not be getting them, but you can’t deny the fact that there are a great multitude of women out there who are thoroughly enjoying vaginal orgasms day after day.

What are vaginal orgasms? This type of orgasm is experienced by a woman when her G spot (located deep inside her vagina) receives constant stimulation. Many sexologists believe that in comparison to clitoral orgasms, wherein women are brought to climax by clitoral stimulation, vaginal orgasms are much stronger and explosive.

How can you experience vaginal orgasms? Well, a billion dollar industry is thriving on this question. There are all sorts of methods of experiencing vaginal orgasms. But first and foremost, convince your man that foreplay is important and you need it every time to get turned on. Make him stimulate all your erogenous zones and only after he’s done you should allow him to penetrate you with his shaft or a dildo/vibrator. Unless he is really good at it, your first vaginal orgasm will come with the help of a dildo or vibrator. The more you indulge in foreplay, the stronger will be the intensity of your orgasms. View our huge range of vibrators and rabbits - click here

Following are 4 important tips through which you can achieve a mind blowing vaginal orgasm. You will require a good quality dildo or vibrator for this.

Make use of targeted G spot stimulators – There are different varieties of vibrators available in the sex toys marketplace. Few of them are designed only in a manner that they deliver non-stop G spot stimulation. The sole purpose of such vibrators is to deliver vaginal orgasms. With these vibrators it’ll as if the vaginal orgasms will be served to you on a plate, as and when you need! Could it get any better?!

Experiment with sexual positions – Feel free to play around with different positions to discover the ones which deliver maximum sexual pleasure. Even though a large majority of women try stimulating the G spot with the help of a vibrator while lying on their backs, you must not refrain from trying something different if that’s not delivering results for you. Try sitting on top of vibrator if that does the trick instead. Why not kneel down and place your elbows on the bed while your partner inserts the vibrator or dildo from behind. He may just hit the right spot.

Go for deeper penetration – The deeper you are able to penetrate your vagina, the more will be the chances of hitting the G spot. G spot is normally located on the rear upper end of the vaginal wall and hence you will need the right size of vibrator/dildo to hit the target. Furthermore, you or your partner will have to experiment with different angles to find the one which does the work.

Try double stimulation – Many women are of the belief that stimulating their clitoris and vagina simultaneously enhances the chances of vaginal orgasm. A rabbit vibrator is perfect for this purpose. While its’ main shaft penetrates the vagina, there is an attachment which stimulates the clitoris simultaneously.

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