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Use Flirty and Dirty Text Messages to Spice up Your Sex Life

135865-sextingA close friend recently asked me in amazement that how do I manage to keep my man thinking about me even when he’s miles apart! My reply was quite simple, all I had to do was master and practice the art of sending some really flirty and dirty text messages.

In order to ensure that you receive tangible, real and long-term results with these text messages, you must build up some anticipation to make him long not just for your soft touch, but also for those wild sex sessions with you. In this short article, I will share with you some very important tips related to the use of dirty text messages for spicing up your sex life.

Your text messages should be lively - There are all sorts of ways of using dirty text messages, and one of the most important ones is making him aware how lively you can be. Your partner should feel that you’re thinking only about him. Avoid using over complicated words and use descriptive words instead as your main aim is to make him open up to you. The more your man opens up to you, the more will be your chances of getting a better understanding of all his deep sexual desires and needs.

Exercise caution – It is important that you keep your cool while sending these flirty dirty text messages. Although you can be as adventurous as you like, there is no need to appear overeager or overexcited. Also, never end your conversation abruptly as you may end up upsetting him. While it is all right to express your deepest emotions by using flirty text messages, you must exercise caution and never use them excessively.

Timing is extremely important – An important aspect of dirty text messages is that they’ll keep ringing in his thoughts even after he’s done reading them. Even though there is no particular time of sending such text messages, you will not be able to use them in an advantageous manner if you don’t send them at appropriate times. If you’re aware that your guy would be having lunch right now, it will be better to call him than sending him some funny, playful or dirty text message. On the other hand, if he receives your sexy text message when is in the middle of some really boring meeting, it will get him thinking about you instantly.

It is easy for you to take advantage of such dirty text messages, but stay patient if your partner doesn’t respond immediately. On the other hand, never reply to his text messages instantly. Doing so will help you build up a good amount of sexual tension which is highly recommended. Delaying your text message replies will keep him guessing and will add an interesting mystery twist to the whole sexual conversation between you two.

It is very important for all men and women to go the extra mile when it comes to sexually arousing their partners. Doing so shows their willingness of making the relationship work. So, never shy away from sharing your deepest desires with your partner.

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