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Understanding The Female Orgasm

shutterstock-sex-coupleWhile over ninety percent of males consistently reach orgasm during intercourse the female orgasm is much more elusive. In fact, only twenty five percent of women report that they routinely orgasm through intercourse. This statistic can rise if men and women educate themselves about the female orgasm.

During sexual intercourse many physical changes happen to a woman’s body. Upon arousal, blood rushes to the pelvic area and clitoris. The walls of the vagina begin secreting a natural lubricant; the lower area of the vagina contracts around the penis while the upper area expands to make room for it. With continued stimulation tension builds in a woman’s nerves and muscles. The release of this tension is an orgasm, in which the anus, vagina and uterus contract simultaneously. There are many types of orgasms and many ways to achieve them.

Here are a few.

1. The Clitoral Orgasm: The clitoral orgasm originates in the clitoris, the bundle of nerves above the urethra. This small area is home to eight thousand nerve endings, making it the most sensitive area on a woman’s body. Different women have different degrees of clitoral sensitivity. Some enjoy direct stimulation while others prefer indirect pressure. Because the clitoris is external, it is difficult to reach a clitoral orgasm during intercourse. Clitoral orgasms occur most often during oral sex. While the clitoral orgasm is incredibly intense, most women report that it is not as full bodied as other types of orgasms.

2. The G-Spot Orgasm: The G-Spot is a spongy bean shaped area of tissue located on the front wall of a woman’s vagina. This area of tissue swells upon arousal, much like the clitoris and penis. It takes twenty to thirty minutes of direct stimulation for most women to achieve a G-Spot orgasm. Because of the angle necessary for this stimulation, G-Spot orgasms are most often reached through doggy-style intercourse. This type of orgasm is more full bodied than the clitoral orgasm.

3. The Squirting Orgasm: The squirting orgasm is a very powerful, very uncommon version of a G-Spot orgasm. When women have an extremely positive reaction to G-Spot stimulation fluid is released from the G-Spot, much like male ejaculation. Science isn’t clear on why some women reach these orgasms easier than others. Women who’ve experienced a squirting orgasm report that it was the most intense, full bodied and satisfying sexual experience of their lives.

4. The Vaginal Orgasm: A vaginal orgasm occurs after prolonged penetration. Most women need twenty to thirty minutes to reach this type of orgasm and often extra lubrication is necessary to reach maximum physical pleasure. While the vaginal orgasm is not as intense as the clitoral, G-Spot or squirting orgasm, it is incredibly full bodied and satisfying.

5. The Blended Orgasm: The blended orgasm is a combination of two or more types of orgasms at once. Doggy style and girl on top positions provide great angles for blended orgasms, allowing the male partner to internally stimulate the G-Spot while manually stimulating the clitoris.

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