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Two New Sex Positions for You and Your Partner

sex-positionsThe question of which sex position is the most enjoyable for both partners is as old as time and as varied as the number of active sexual people on earth, so the thing we suggest is to experiment as much as you can and try anything that is agreeable to those involved till you find the right one and then continue to expand your search for that special bell ringer that hits you every time you use it. Not only is this a lot of fun it also helps keep your relationship on the right path so that you both can experience all the joys and surprises that a great sex life can provide! After all you are a couple at that point and your purpose is to enjoy each other so push all the buttons you can and see what kind of prize pops up. Variety is the spice of life so put into use all the knowledge and expertise you have combined to make each other see the stars and hear the bells ring as often as you can. Most sex experts agree that having a variety of tricks and positions in your repertoire will generate a much better and satisfying sex life for the both of you, so look into some information on different sexual techniques on improving both your lives, such as the Kama Sutra, sensual massage, or other sex material, and chances are you will find something of interest for both of you!

We can’t just leave you hanging with this advise so we would like to tell you about a couple of amazing positions that give both partners some of the most extreme pleasure they will ever feel. One we would like to share with you is called the G Whiz, which by the name should give you a hint about what pleasure spot it targets, and is a great position for both partners to get full enjoyment from their session and make both want to tell their friends about the great joy of the experience. There are very few positions that are not enjoyable for both partners, but there are some that enhance certain spots to their fullest and create orgasms that are intense beyond the normal. The G Whiz is one of those, a simple and comfortable position that targets the ladies G-spot and gives the man a chance to experience all that he can while giving the lady an explosion she may never have experienced before. She lies on her back, you kneel between her legs and lift her legs up so she can rest her calves on your shoulder allowing you to penetrate her as deeply as you can, but allowing her to control movement and depth for her comfort. At this angle you have perfect access to the front wall of her vagina, the location of the nerve endings to that elusive magic spot. Always go slow and easy to create the most friction on both of your love tools so as to enhance the pleasure you both feel. Try rocking side to side and up and down to allow your penis to pleasure the upper region of her vagina. You can also place her feet against you chest to allow her even more control as to depth and tempo of your thrusts. Experiment, Enjoy, and Explode!!

The second position we would like to tell you about is called the standing dragon and is another position that increases G-spot stimulation and can also make you feel larger to her. Begin with her on all fours on the edge of the bed and you standing behind her for a rear entry, which is great for stimulation of her g-spot and allows you the erotic delight of seeing the roundness of her body and the entry of your thrusts into her love portal. With the movement of her buttocks she can control which areas of her vagina get the most attention and creates the most stimulation to areas she wants. The joy can build from here by you placing your legs on the outside of hers and pressing them together thus tightening the walls of her vagina around your penis, making you feel larger to her as you both come to a mind blowing orgasm! One other tip is that friction of skin to skin can create some dryness so always keep some type of natural lubricant to help both of your juices flowing and allowing each as much pleasure as possible. Many lubricants can be found that are of natural ingredients and also made with extra stimulants such as a warming or tingling sensation, so try all that you can to add excitement and adventure to your sex life and you will find that things just get better! Good Love- Good Life!!

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