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Top 5 Points to Keep in Mind When Dating Women

Chicago-DatingLet’s put one thing straight guys, you may not like the idea of settling down, but when the right girl comes along you’d know that it is time to put your gloves down and get serious about things. Let’s admit that deep down we know that we date girls so we can eventually find our soul mate someday. In this short article, I will tell you 5 most important things you must keep in mind while dating women. These tips will take you quite far in the dating game and help you find that one soul mate you’ve been so longing for. Or whatever else you’ve been longing for!

Let’s start:

Girls don’t like making weird sounds – Girls are very different from guys and don’t consider creation of weird sounds by putting hands underneath the armpits funny at all. You’ll only come across as some moron. Save such type of jokes for your male companions only.

Bragging about previous relationships is a no-no – Girls really don’t find it impressive when you brag about your earlier relationships. They have no interest in the dumb blondes you’ve dated who had nothing more to show than their stupid song collections. They don’t think that being popular among all women in the city is something worth bragging about. Avoid taking your date to the places you have visited often with your earlier girlfriends and never ever mention your past relationships to her.

Women like neat guys – Girls hate their guys showing up at their doors in worn out jeans and one plus one free burgers in hand. Keep those things for later. Perhaps, after your kids have turned into teenagers. But for now, it will be better if you shower regularly, wear some good perfume, put on some neat clothes and have flowers instead of free burgers in your hand to gift to your girlfriend.

Avoid using those free coupons – Girls hate it when you try redeeming those free coupons at their favorite restaurant. I am all in favour of saving money, especially when it comes to the present difficult economic times, but save those free coupons for your outings with your mom (who will shower praises on you for keeping things in budget), or perhaps for your best chum (who’ll not give a shit about how much you have actually spent). Using those free coupons is only going to make your date perceive you as someone stingy or mean.

Girls don’t like farts and burps – Girls hate guys who fart or burp openly in public. They don’t find these natural acts interesting or funny at all. Avoid burping or fighting when you’re with your date and save them for those hockey nights with your pals instead.

As long as you keep the above-mentioned five important dating points in mind, you will get to enjoy some of the most quality time with your girls. Furthermore, keeping these points in mind will also help you earn many more dates, with the type of girls you like to be with. I know many guys who try rationalising their acts by saying that it’s better to be oneself than having to pretend, but if being yourself is all about the above-mentioned bad behaviours, it’s not going to take you anywhere in the dating game. So who do you want to be?!

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