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Top 5 Myths Associated With Dating Younger Women

sugardaddyLet me say at the outset that not every man who dates a woman half his age is a cradle robber. Similarly, not every woman who shows receptiveness to the advances of an old man can be termed as a gold digger. Despite the fact that society has pretty harsh views on the topic of intergenerational dating, there is much more to dating between people of different age groups than what meets the people’s eyes.

Why do you think men love to date women who are much younger than them? Does it have something to do with midlife crisis? There are many sorts of misguided notions related to older men dating younger women. In this short article, I will touch upon 5 such important myths related to dating younger women. They are as follows:

  1. Men who go after younger women are manipulative and shallow – This is far from the truth. There is nothing denying the fact that the vitality and youth of younger women makes older men feel youthful again. But, this doesn’t imply that anyone is being taken advantage of here. It also doesn’t mean that an older man feels interested in a younger woman only for sex. Furthermore, girls in their 20s are legally able to determine their dating choices. Many of these women are equally accomplished as their older male lovers, apart from being intelligent as well.
  2. Men dating younger women have no interest in long-term relationships – This may be the case in some of the relationships, but doesn’t it hold true also in conventional dating arrangements. In fact, a large majority of older men actually feel attracted towards the carefree attitude, enthusiasm and vivacity that younger women bring to the table. Moreover, as younger women don’t have a lot of emotional baggage and possess a healthy outlook to life, older men find these qualities quite admirable and desirable.
  3. Older men dating younger women is a type of fetish – Not at all! As a man ages, the odds of him getting to date women of his age group decrease considerably as the dating pool becomes younger and younger by the day. It is simply about the demographics. There are more young single women out there than older single women. Just because there are men in this world who are old geezers preying on young girls, it will be unfair to label all older men under the same category.
  4. Older men simply want to date younger women for sex, and younger women are in it only for the money – Although older men are comparatively more financially stable than their younger counterparts, outrightly branding younger women who date older guys as prostitutes will set the feminist movement back by a 100 years. There are several older men who simply prefer the hassle-free companionship of younger women for enjoying loving relationships.
  5. Younger women normally have ulterior motives while dating older men – This is a very big misconception. On the contrary, they may not have any agendas at all. In a large majority of cases, it is just about love and emotions of two individuals.
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