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Top 10 Tips for Men to Deliver that Perfect Sexual Experience

01-spanking-cosmo-301111-8271510Women are mysterious creatures and it can be hard to work out exactly what they want. Well we deliver you the goss and let you know a little more about the secret desires of women. Let’s get straight to the point! Following are 10 most important tips for men to deliver that perfect sexual experience to their women:

1. Clitoral stimulation – Clitoris consists of maximum number of sensory nerve fibres, in comparison to outer third vagina and the labia. Use your fingers or tongue to stimulate her clitoris and you will see her shivering with pleasure.

2. Talk dirty – Men talking dirty in bed can sometimes be a great turn on for women. However, refrain from this practice in case you are on a romantic getaway and are making out with her for the first time.

3. Size is not all that important – More important than your penis size is what you actually do with it. Rather than worrying about your penis size, you must focus on your erection status and how long you last in bed. Size won’t be a problem unless you have a Micro penis.

4. Locate her G spot – A woman’s G spot is normally situated around 2 inches inside the vaginal front wall. Stimulating the G spot with your fingers by rubbing and pressing it gently can deliver mind blowing orgasms, especially if combined with clitoral stimulation. To help you out we have some great G Spot stimulators that will get her motor running - click here

5. Keep your room warm – Having sex in a comfy warm room is much better than making out in shivering cold. Moreover, heat and warmth result in blood vessels’ dilation, making the penile shaft swell even more.

6. Avoid going too far inside – As per several scientific studies and as also mentioned above, it is the outer third part of the vagina which is most sensitive. In order to stimulate this region, you can hold your penis in your hand and dip it in and out of the vaginal entrance. This is an excellent method of lasting long and delaying your ejaculation as well.

7. Sweating is not bad – Sweating profusely or sweating even a little works as a biological turn on for many women, hence you need not be worried about it. Obviously, if you are already sweating buckets before even getting into bed, it may give an impression of some illness or nervousness, which is not hot exactly.

8. Play out your fantasies – Why not play fantasy lottery next time you get into bed with her. Both of you must pen down your five sexual fantasies on separate pieces of paper. Put all these chits into some bowl and pick them out one by one. Abstain from writing down extreme fantasies as you may end up scaring her. This is all the more relevant if you haven’t been into the relationship for long. Indulging in extreme fantasies requires a great amount of trust and confidence between both individuals.

9. Give suggestions and be open to them – Rather than forcing a new position on her or asking her about it, it is better to go the suggestion way. This is a comparatively effective and better method of getting your way in bed.

10. Sex is not a race – You don’t need to rush things up as it’s not a race. Caress and kiss her body, explore her and play with her erogenous zones. Create a mental boundary that stops at her vagina. Try not to cross that line during foreplay.

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