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Top 10 Things She Cares for More than Your Penis Size in Bed

angels-victorias-secret-angels-27686994-800-562In this short article, I will acquaint you with 10 most important things that a woman cares for, much more than your penis size in bed. These tips can go a long way in helping you improve your sex life as well as your relationship.

  1. Foreplay - Women give great importance to sexual foreplay, much more than penis size. For women, foreplay can sometimes be even more important than the sexual act itself. Their bodies must be considered as a sexual playground and they should be aroused by indulging in light kisses and soft touches.
  2. Sex Toys - With sex toys, you will never have to worry about your penis size. Sex toys are increasingly becoming the most preferred tools of men and women to enhance their sexual experience. What more, you can even take her shopping for sex toys with you. The chances are high that you might learn something new and surprising about her. Talking about shopping for sex toys, you may not even have to step out of your home. There are many reputed and reliable online adult stores where you can purchase these from. Go to our home page to check out our great selection!
  3. Sexual Whispers - Women love sexual whispers or soft words which let them know about their partner’s enjoyment. Men should never refrain from letting women know if they are doing something great in bed. Some women get extremely turned on by dirty talk. However, it is important to not sound repetitive or phoney as it can ruin her mood.
  4. Eye-to-Eye Contact - Some women find deep eye to eye contact extremely erotic while having sex. Please keep in mind that unlike men, women enjoy sex emotionally as well as physically. Looked deeply into her eyes just as she’s about to climax. She will find it extremely erotic and intimate.
  5. Keep Sex as the Dessert or an Appetiser - Don’t make sexual intercourse the only highlight of your entire evening with her. Rather, use sex only as a beginning or ending of a romantic evening. A woman if given the feeling of being seduced the entire evening, her sexual pleasure will get enhanced multiple times, often resulting in erotic and long lasting sexual experiences.
  6. Act confident - More than the penis size, it is the confidence of a man that matters the most to women. Regardless of how big or small you are, if you aren’t confident in bed, you’ll never be able to satisfy your woman.
  7. Acknowledge - It is important to let her know that you enjoy spending time with her in bed. It could be via a phone call or a kiss on the cheeks, but you must let her know that you had a good time. This applies to both married and unmarried men.
  8. Know your game - It is important that you pay attention to every small detail related to how she responds to sexual foreplay. Women get extremely turned on by men who seem to know what they like. Pay close attention to her wiggles or gasps; these are good indicators of what she likes.
  9. Women like looking good even in bed - Although this might sound stupid to many men, women worry about how they look even in bed. Men never pay attention to it, but an awkward sexual position can easily ruin any woman’s mood. It is important that you use sex positions which are comfortable for both you and her. If there’s one which is slightly unflattering, do ask her before proceeding with it.
  10. Cuddle post climax - Unlike men, women enjoy getting cuddled after climaxing. So don’t simply leave the room, roll over or get up to clean immediately after having sex.
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