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Top 10 Sex Toys that Every Man and Woman Should Have and Use.

Although many venture out to buy one of the many sexual enhancers that are around in the marketplace, it never hurts to have a little guide to help guide you right to you or your partner’s ideal needs.

Fleshlight  launchpad fleshlight launchpad
It seems obvious, but it still happens all of the time. Each year, as February 14th approaches on the calendar, the sale of sex toys on the market skyrockets. However, even though many venture to buy one of the many sex toys that are around the marketplace, it never hurts to have a little guide to help guide you right to you or your partner’s ideal needs.


Popularized mainly thanks to the Sex & the City series, the Rabbit Habit vibrator has become a classic in the erotic toy market in recent times and not necessarily because of fashion. It’s designed to stimulate the G-spot, and the rabbit ears that give a name to the vibrator handle providing external stimulus. In this way, all sides are covered, so that if one fails, the other side will do the trick.

rabbit vibrators by Doc Johnson rabbit vibrators by Doc Johnson


Some have a strange look to them, but they’re all are used in the same way: they are placed around the base of the penis or scrotum, trapping blood inside the penis. This results in a stronger and longer lasting erection. For many men, this is sometimes one of the first alternatives in cases of difficulty maintaining an erection.

Durex vibrating ring Durex vibrating ring
"If you're new to the world of sex toys, a vibrator ring is a fun place to start," says Dr. Debby Herbenick, sexologist and author of ‘Sex Made Easy’. This toy is worn under the scrotum, and around the penis and, therefore, the wearer and the partner experience the vibrations alike. There are various models, and experts recommend the Troyan or Durex Ring of Bliss for beginners. Both options are easy to find at any pharmacy, they are disposable and have a battery life of around 20-30 minutes.


There is a concentration of nerves in the clitoris that produce sexual pleasure in. This organ (the clitoris) is attached to the labia minora, located in the vagina and is partially covered by the labia. If you take the level of sensitivity of this area into consideration and the use of sex toys designed to massage it, you can imagine how very intense orgasms can be achieved using these products.

According to Cosmopolitan, the ‘Crave Duet’ has everything you look for in a device of this nature: multispeed, waterproof, rechargeable (via USB), almost silent and it’s very functional and stylish at the same time. "Put it to vibrate in a loop pattern and get ready for it to blow your mind".

Clitoral stimulator Clitoral stimulator

4.- HAND

Masturbation toys are one of the most abundant out there in the market; that means that there’s a wide array of models to suit almost every budget and, above all, meet the requirements for most people. The most popular of these toys are called ‘Fleshlights’, who owe their name to their particular similarity to a flashlight presentation. However, besides their external shape, these objects have little to do with each other.

Thus, there’s a wide range of these toys, ranging from those who seek to imitate a vagina, an anus or a mouth, to some more recent models that even attempt to recreate (hypothetically) an alien vulva. On the other hand, for those more interested in the technological interaction, there are some ‘fleshlights’ that also boast a support that can be tailored to a tablet and increase the interaction and create a virtual sex session when needed.


The ‘Silver Bullet’ is its official name. Its distributors on the web define it as a "simple and elegant vibrator [...] it is good for a direct and powerful clitoral stimulation," which seem to make this $10 device, a product exclusive for ladies. However, the fact is that even publications for men such as ‘Men’s Health’ show it as one of the best male sex toys. How could that be?

This multi-speed vibrator is an excellent choice for beginners and an essential tool for those who have experience, at least this is the description written by the online shop ‘Early to bed’. "This also makes it a good vibrator for use with a partner, because it is small enough to fit between two people while enjoying other pleasures."


According to LA Weekly, the Aneros Company offers a number of products (such as the MGX Classic shown in the image) for men who want to learn about anal pleasure as well as for men who already know them well. While this is a topic evaded by many heterosexual men who fear their orientation may be questioned, "There is something a bit childish and unmanly about a man who is afraid to experience pleasure through their own anus," according to a Californian site.

Products specialized in perineal, and prostate stimulation products have prices ranging from 49 to 140 dollars. However, for those who have no idea what this is about, Aneros even has a kit for the inexperienced.

prostate massager examples prostate massagers


The use of these beads or ‘Ben Wa’ balls has recently become popular, especially after the film adaptation of the book ‘50 Shades of Grey’. However, these sex aids often take a long time to get use to, or are for those who love to experience new sensations.

Regular use of the ‘Moon Beads’ may enhance the female orgasm simply by acting as a kind of vaginal trainer that strengthens the vagina. You can always go for bigger if you think of it as a workout with a real result that will benefit both parties during intercourse.

Lelo Love Balls - beads example Lelo Love Balls


Sex games are not limited to genitals, the rest of the body is also important, for those seeking a relaxing feeling, Couples Sphere Massager ‘Joya’ is the ideal toy to enjoy as a couple.

With the shape of a Yin-Yang, this device is inspired by the concepts of balance and integrity, which divides it into two massagers. The white half has five constant vibration speeds while the black side provides pulses and intermittent jerks. It is designed for use in any area you can think of to make the experience even more complete.

yin yang vibrator yin yang vibrator


The We-Vibe 3 is a very accessible product for every budget. However, despite its cost of about $150, experts say it is worth the expense.

"It's really the first sex toy that can be used by a woman during sex," says Dr. Herbenick. The toy is C-shaped, so that one side is slides into the vagina while the other arm wraps around to stimulate the clitoris. Moreover, the rechargeable vibrator is thin enough so that it can also be inside the vagina at the same time. Still not convinced? The toy comes equipped with six different vibration modes and is safe to use with water-based lubricants. As if that were not enough, it is 100 percent waterproof for those wanting to explore the ability of this toy in the shower. Moreover, the rechargeable battery lasts up to two hours on a single charge.


Not everything is about rhythm and stimulation in the right spot. Sometimes a great difference can be made by adjusting a toy a few degrees. To get this right angle, there is a variety of furniture designed especially for sex. However, the size of most of these additions makes them impractical for transfer from one place to another unless you want to hire a team of movers to help.

The ‘Liberator Heart Wedge’ is no more than a cushion that can help make this process much more accessible and it has the appropriate aesthetics for any date. Designed in a heart shape and with smooth texture, this stand opens up a world of possibilities for new positions during intercourse. Not only perfect for a couple, it can also be used alone to masturbate more comfortably, not to mention its size and fabric material makes an easy to clean article.

Liberator wedge Liberator wedge
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