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Top 10 Kamasutra Sexual Postures

239130_86967110_tantra1_H205002_LKama Sutra is easily one of the oldest sex manuals written by man, describing various lovemaking postures in good detail. Not only is it spiritual, but complicated as well, extolling the sensual delights offered by perfumes, poetry and music. One gets to learn that sex has several health benefits associated to it, apart from enlightenment and pleasure. A large number of people have already written many stories and articles surrounding the subject.

The positions described and shown in Kama Sutra have achieved worldwide popularity. When people talk about books on lovemaking, Kama Sutra is the first one that comes to mind. Most of the sexual postures talked about in Kama Sutra are actually also carved on walls of several Indian temples. In this short article, I will take you through 10 most popular erotic postures explained in Kama Sutra.

  1. Vijrimbhitaka or the Yawning Position - In this position the woman is made to raise her thighs, keeping them wide apart, allowing the man to penetrate deeper.
  2. Piditaka or Pressing posture – In this posture, both the partners start in a clasping position, thereafter forcefully pressing each other’s thighs.
  3. Utfullaka or the Wide-open position – In this posture, woman lies down on her back and then while lowering down the upper half of her body, she raises her hips. When she does so, her vaginal entrance gets stretched wide. Placing a pillow under her back delivers great pleasure for both the partners.
  4. Karkata or the Crab posture - This is a slightly complex sexual position involving penetration while a woman raises one of her legs, keeping it over her head, with the other leg stretched out. As is evident from its description, it is recommended only if you have a highly flexible body.
  5. Veshtika or the Twining position - In this Kama Sutra sexual position, a woman makes out with a man in a clasping position, while placing her left thigh onto the right, so as to contract the vagina even more.
  6. Vadavak or the Mare position – It is a modification of the above-mentioned position, wherein a woman firmly holds onto her partner’s penis inside her vagina.
  7. Venudaritaka or the Splitting Bamboo position - To have sex in this position, a woman needs to place one of her legs over her partner’s shoulder, while keeping the other leg stretched out.
  8. Shenuka or the Cow position - Yes you are right, in this position the woman needs to get down on all fours, just like a cow, followed by her man mounting her from behind.
  9. Sanghatak or United Congress position - In this sexual posture, the man gets to enjoy two women simultaneously.
  10. Gauyuthka or Herd of Cows position – A modification of the above-mentioned position, in this one a man gets to have sex with several women simultaneously.

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