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Top 10 Happiness Secrets For Women


No one can stay happy at each moment of the day, every day. However, you can learn to discover joy in those little moments.



Following are some of the top happiness secrets for women:

  1. Surround yourself with happy people – Always surround yourself with people who have happy faces. The feeling of joy is contagious in nature. These people can help you tremendously in overcoming even the lowest of lows of life.
  2. Seek joy in small things – Learn to appreciate the positives of life and the good in people around you. We get so involved with our daily responsibilities that we forget to enjoy the spontaneous events of our day-to-day lives that can bring us deeper joy.
  3. Spread happiness – Tell others how good they are and do something for them that will make them happy. It could be a simple email to a long lost friend telling him/her how much you remember him/her. Sharing happy experiences and memories with others is an excellent method of magnifying and prolonging the feeling of joy.
  4. Have sex – Having sex on a regular basis will ensure that you keep getting your minimum dose of happy hormones. Not only will these hormones keep you in high spirits, they’ll strengthen your body’s immunity too.
  5. Build positive memories – Take mental snapshots of moments that brought you joy. Is that red wool scarf so dear to you because it reminds you of your early childhood days in the snow? Avoid being over analytical and losing the joy of the moment.
  6. Develop a solid social support system – We often get so busy with our day-to-day lives that we forget keeping in touch with our neighbours, family members and friends. It’s important to stay in touch with people who’ll be there for you in times of difficulty. In return, you can be there for them in their times of need.
  7. Give yourself a compliment – Don’t be hard on yourself and give yourself a compliment every once in a while. If you have spent one whole year sweating out at the gym, and have successfully reached a certain fitness goal, flaunt those new jeans and let others know about your success. It is understandable that congratulating oneself doesn’t come easy to many people. Please remember that there is a fine thin line between shameless self-promotion and joy filled self-congratulation.
  8. Spend time with your girlfriends – You may ask who has the time nowadays? Please note that women are very different from men and need to talk to people of their own kind. Furthermore, girlfriends can talk to each other about things they cannot discuss with children, mothers or partners.
  9. Get in touch with your senses – Let me share with you an easy tip to follow your nose or to feel your taste buds. Close your eyes and roll a small piece of dark chocolate right over your tongue, the aroma filling your lungs and mind with children’s laughter and play, or salty sea air. Shutting out certain sensory stimuli and concentrating on others, has the ability to heighten your feeling of joy.
  10. Compare to less fortunate – Comparing yourself with people more privileged than you is going to make you feel deprived, but comparing downward may heighten your joy. Always remind yourself that you are in the best place wherever you are and things could be worse.
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