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The Wp Wallbangers Deluxe Rotating Rabbit - a Perfect Vibe at a Perfect Price

cv-1378010004Whether you're looking to replace your old vibrator, or it's your very first one, looking for a new vibe can be an overwhelming experience. There's a lot of choice out there, and a lot of different price ranges, with toys that vibrate, pulse, thrust, and a size and shape for every fancy. In fact, the choices are so vast that it might be better to opt for a vibe that has a bit of everything, and provides the option to enjoy it all at once, or a bit at a time.

The Wp Wallbangers Deluxe Rotating Rabbit

The Wp Wallbangers Deluxe Rotating Rabbit is a vibrator that does everything. It's packed full of features and delivers an incredible double whammy of vibrations at both the clitoris and the G-spot. Imagine having a toy that vibrates at the top of the plump tip right up against the G-spot, while flexible bunny ears massage the clitoris with incredible speed and power. At the same time, spinning pearls inside the shaft rotate for an incredibly intense massage. All together they pack a powerfully pleasurable punch of stimulation.

It's an easy to use toy, designed so that changing speeds and sensations is simple and user friendly, and won't cause an interruption in playtime. Located on the base, the push button controls provide separate adjustments for both the vibrations and rotation, so both speed and patterns can be easily modified. This Rabbit is super soft too thanks to the silicone material made to construct the outer shell, and pets your body with a sleek and natural feeling. It can easily be used with any water-based lubricant, but keep it away from silicone based lubes, and other silicone toys, in order to the Rabbit's surface in the best condition.

Above and Beyond other Vibes

While the Wp Wallbangers Deluxe Rotating Rabbit has a lot of features that are available in other toys, it has a few modifications that make it extra special. Right at the base of this vibrator is a special suction cup that can stick to any flat surface like a chair, a head board, or a door. This means the Rabbit will stay in place while being used, and opens up a whole new way to play. Ride it, sit on it, or better yet, take this waterproof toy into the shower and stick it to the tiles.

A Surprisingly Low Price

Despite all of the premium features that the Wp Wallbangers Deluxe Rotating Rabbit has to offer, it remains at an extremely low and surprising price of under $60 when purchased from our site here . It won't break the budget, and will be a hard price to beat. Don't let the choices overwhelm you, instead pick everything at once with a toy that can be played with in ways that bring a fun new aspect to solitary playtime with the Wp Wallbangers Deluxe Rotating Rabbit. It's a premium vibrator at a price that isn't, and delivers with outstanding features that are all fully adjustable, and even work in the water. Plus with the extra hands free capabilities this bunny makes an amazing pet.

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